AlcoholEdu® - Online Alcohol Course

AlcoholEdu® is an online, science-based course taken by hundreds of thousands of students each year. Whether you drink or not, AlcoholEdu will empower you to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and help you better cope with the drinking behavior of your peers.

All first year students are required to take the course before coming to campus.  All other undergraduates students are encouraged to take the course at any time.  You can access the full course through your e-portfolio under the Student Life portal (link called AlcoholEdu). 

Alcohol "Innerview®" Brief Assessment

Alcohol Innerview® is a 15-20 minute online assessment that takes students through a comprehensive assessment of their drinking-related behaviors, followed by personalized feedback.  Why not try it out today. 

To log on please do the following:

1.  Go to
2.  Under "New User", enter the following Login ID: A130697VIEW
3.  Click "Submit"
4.  You will be prompted to register with an email address and create a password
5.  Begin taking Alcohol Innerview®


This course is not meant to substitute for expert medical advice or treatment.  The information is given to help you make informed choices about your consumption of alcohol and health behaviors.  Wesleyan University is no way responsible for any health-related issues resulting from your use of information provided in this course.  Please contact the Davison Health Center or Counseling and Psychological Services if you have any concerns about your alcohol consumption.