The Davison Health Center (DHC) staff has provided counseling as well as referrals as needed for various reproductive services including abortion for many years.  We feel confident that any student who becomes pregnant and seeks services at DHC will find compassionate clinicians to guide them through options available and make appropriate referrals. 

The Health Center offers birth control, emergency contraception, sexual health screening and testing as part of our overall services.  Starting in the fall 2023 semester, DHC will provide all emergency contraceptives (Plan B and Ella) free of charge.  The process for receiving emergency contraceptives will remain the same with students consulting a nurse for dispensing as our mission is to provide education, support and assist in the decision-making process.

The University will rely on a student’s insurance plan to pay for abortion services but offer financial assistance to any student whose insurance does not cover abortions and/or pay co-pays and deductibles after insurance has been filed.  Students should ask a medical provider if assistance is needed.  The University will provide a medical Uber ride for transportation to and from a clinical visit for abortion services.  Over the counter pain relieving medication will be offered at no cost for students who request this following an abortion.  A medical provider should be consulted to determine which medication is best for the situation.  Please reach out to Caitlin Murphy (, Health Center Director to discuss health insurance and/or medical Uber rides.

Students should reach out to their Class Dean if they have housing insecurity and need assistance with living arrangements at times when classes are not in session. 

The Health Center is open during breaks and a provider and/or CAPS therapist is available for consultation via phone or in person if a student is on campus.  Students studying abroad can call the Health Center to speak with a provider if they have concerns about options while abroad.  Due to restricted licensing guidelines, CAPS cannot offer counseling services outside the State of CT.

All testing services are by appointment and students seeking medications should call 860-685-2470.