The Health Center stocks a variety of prescription and over the counter medications. Some medications are without cost and others are dispensed at or slightly above cost. All charges are well below usual and customary retail prices. Of course, you may have your prescription filled at area pharmacies if you prefer.

As a convenience to students CVS Pharmacy on Main Street in Middletown will deliver prescription medications to the Davison Health Center for student pick-up.  In order to receive delivery you must contact CVS in advance and have your prescription on file with CVS at 308 Main Street Extension, Middletown.  Instruction sheet can be picked up at the Health Center or click here to download the form to initiate delivery. 

The Health Center is not responsible for medications not picked up within a week of delivery.  Medications will be sent back to CVS after one week.

All questions regarding prescription delivery should be made directly to CVS at 860-344-1857.