Non-Discriminatory Harassment

The University also prohibits harassment not specifically based on a person’s or persons’ membership in a protected category. Attempts to resolve concerns or complaints involving NON-DISCRIMINATORY HARASSMENT informally are encouraged.  If, however, the complaint is not resolved informally, different bodies, depending on the nature of the complaint and the position of the individual against whom a complaint has been made, may adjudicate it.

Similar to discriminatory harassment, the behavior is unwelcome where enduring the offensive conduct creates an environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile, or abusive and limits one's ability to participate fully in the process of education and development.

Complaints regarding non-discriminatory harassment by faculty, students, administrators, staff, vendors, or visitors should be directed to the Faculty Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (FCRR), the Dean of Students/Student Judicial Board, the Graduate Office/Judicial Board, the Office of Human Resources, or the Office of Equity & Inclusion as appropriate.