Learning Management System Course Retention Policy

Date: May 2018

Updated: June 2019


To define how long academic courses contained in the College’s Learning Management System (LMS), currently Moodle, will be retained.


This policy covers courses contained in the Learning Management System(s) managed and maintained by Information Technology Services (ITS).

Policy Statement:

Guiding Principles

  • To retain courses and content for a period of time which faculty and students find adequate and useful
  • To optimize the performance of the LMS
  • To ensure that the storage space is used efficiently and to minimize the financial impact of increasing disk storage
ITS will retain LMS courses for five (5) years after the academic year in which it was taught. ITS reserves the right to archive courses sooner than five years if maintaining the LMS poses a security risk. Academic year cycles begin in the June prior to the fall semester.

It is recommended that instructors archive their courses at the end of the term in which the course was taught and before they are scheduled for deletion by Information Technology Services. Instructions on how to archive a course are provided under information about the current Learning Management System (will update with exact location). Retaining copies of the syllabus, electronic grade book and electronic student work is the sole responsibility of the faculty or instructor. Faculty should always download student work or make copies of the grade book prior to removal of material from the course. ITS will automatically archive courses prior to deletion. These archives will remain for 3 years. Archived courses are only retrievable upon request and may take 24-48 hours. ITS will notify faculty of the courses scheduled for deletion and provide methods for preserving course content off-line.

This policy will be updated by ITS with faculty input and acceptance by the provosts and deans.