Student Employment

ITS employs students to assist us in our mission of providing the best technological support and infrastructure possible to the Wesleyan community. ITS offers invaluable training and job experience in a variety of technical areas that include working with Help Desk, Instructional Media Services, Technical Services Support, and Wesleyan Station. For currently available jobs, please consult Handshake.

  • Spring 2021 Wages
    Semester Standard Advanced Manager Head Manager Low/High Specialist Low/High
    1st Sem 12.00 12.00 - - 12.00/12.00
    2nd Sem 12.36 12.59 - - 12.20/12.33
    3rd; 4th Sem 12.73 12.97 12.98 13.31/13.63 13.11/13.38
    5th; 6th Sem 13.11 13.36 13.63 13.96/14.28 14.02/14.41
    7th; 8th Sem 13.51 13.77 14.28 14.60/15.58 14.94/15.45
  • ITS Student Employment for Summer and Winter Breaks

    Student Employee Hourly Wage Rates for Summer and Winter Breaks

    Student I Student II Student III
    $12.47 per hour $13.66 per hour $14.85 per hour
    Moderate level Skills Experienced Level Skills Advanced Level Skills
    Requires Supervision Moderate Supervision Requires Little Supervision
    Support Position Many Responsibilities Supervisory Responsibilities


    Student employees are responsible for securing their own housing. For detailed information about on-campus summer housing, students should visit the Office of Residential Life.