Accounts Policy

Rev May 26, 2020

Account Provisioning

Wesleyan recognizes the need for its community members to access network resources in order to fulfill requirements of scholarship and employment.  Accounts are created by an automated process that begins with PeopleSoft, the University’s system for all human resource and student management.  Processing student, faculty (including all visitors, adjuncts, and instructors), or staff in the PeopleSoft system triggers an event in Wesleyan’s account management system.   Hiring managers and supervisors indicate the level of access an employee requires.  Designated IT staff are responsible for overseeing the process and for the subsequent assignment of privileges.  A user’s role within the university as defined in PeopleSoft designates a baseline of privileges.  

Wesleyan has many types of students who enjoy the privilege of an account.  The type of account dictates the format of the username (network ID) and extent of privileges.

Account Removal

System accounts at Wesleyan are intended to provide access necessary for professional and scholarly work during an affiliation with the University.  When an individual separates from the University, account access changes depending on the nature of the relationship.  

This describes the process for decommissioning accounts and/or services upon leaving an active affiliation with Wesleyan.

Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Alumni of Wesleyan retain their accounts throughout their life.  They continue to have access to wireless when on campus and to alumni portals and tools.  Wesleyan alumni will keep their email address provided the email account is accessed at least once a year. Those forwarding their email will also need to login directly to their GMail account at least once a year to confirm their forward is current. Inactive email accounts will be disabled.  Alumni will receive notification prior to any action reminding them to access their account to keep it active.  Alumni may request to reactivate disabled accounts.

In May, graduating seniors and graduate students, including GLS students, who have completed their study are sent an email detailing the termination of services. This termination coincides with a process that removes them as active students following graduation.  Students will no longer have access to specific services including VPN, library resources, and access to storage.  Students are given time to remove any data they desire to keep.  


Staff accounts are disabled on the last day of employment unless other arrangements have been requested by the supervisor. The account and all associated data will be deleted from the system 180 days after the termination date.  Prior to deletion, the supervisor at time of departure will be notified of account removal. If access to a departed employee’s email is needed by their supervisor, a request for same must be approved in writing by both the Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and Treasurer and the Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer (for administrative departments). If access to a departed employee’s email is needed by their supervisor, a request for same must be approved in writing by both the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer (for academic departments). Such access shall be for a period of six months and may be extended by repeating the written procedure as needed. 

Faculty/Visiting Faculty/Librarians/Non-Wesleyan Instructors

Faculty and librarians who retire from Wesleyan retain account access for life. This includes email and wireless access.  

Visitors and faculty leaving the University, do not retain their accounts.  Because the process of hiring and re-hiring visitors is dynamic, these faculty retain their accounts while they have active affiliation with the University.  As long as a visitor or instructor is re-hired/assigned within 90 days of termination of previous assignment, his/her account access will not be disrupted. Accounts will be removed from the system 90 days after they are disabled unless other arrangements have been requested by the supervisor.  

Change in University Affiliation or Status

Graduates of Wesleyan who become employees or faculty of Wesleyan will inherit the permissions and access required for their employment.  Upon leaving employment, his/her access will revert back to the access and privileges of an alumnus.  This affiliation supersedes other policies that may affect account status upon leaving except in cases where loss of privileges is deemed appropriate by senior administration. 

GLS and Affiliated Non-Degree Programs

Participants in Graduate Liberal Studies have accounts that are active until the person has not taken a course for three consecutive terms.  At this time, the account is disabled.  Accounts are permanently removed once disabled for 5 years.  For non-Wesleyan students, non-degree, pre-college (on-campus and online), and ICPP, accounts are disabled at the beginning of a new term in which they are not active.  The account will be permanently removed after disabled for 5 years.  

Temporary Employees and Contractors

Temporary employees are granted accounts based on the job being performed for the University.  For temp employees, accounts scheduled to be disabled based on anticipated end date provided by supervisor.  If this needs to be extended, the supervisor must update this information with Human Resources.  A temp account will be permanently removed after inactive for 180 days.

Contractors are also granted accounts based on requirements of service they are providing to the University.  Each year, the contractors are contacted and asked to re-affirm their affiliation.