Policy on Use of Refurbished Hardware

May 20, 2014


Wesleyan is on a four-year replacement cycle for capital computers.  However, hardware often has a useful life beyond that time and the University has additional requirements which may be met by these machines.  Some examples include: visiting faculty, temp employees, research labs and student employee computers.  This policy outlines ITS’ process for providing refurbished machines.


This policy defines the process that is used for deployment of refurbished hardware for faculty and staff.   

Refurbished Inventory

When replacing a capital machine, Desktop Support Specialists will reclaim the machine being replaced and keep that machine and its backup for a period of no more than two (2) weeks to ensure that all data and configuration have been transferred successfully.  At that time, the DSS will return the replaced machine to the Service Center. Service Center staff will determine if a machine is appropriate for the refurbished pool and identify it accordingly in Service Now.  Service Center staff have the most relevant information regarding a machine’s suitability based on reliability of the model, available parts, etc.  Machines not selected for refurbished inventory will be recycled.  

Users may not retain their old machine when receiving a new capital machine.  If there is a need for a refurbished machine, the user should request one from their DSS. Orders for refurbished machines will be fulfilled according to priority as well as the suitability of available inventory to match the need.  Requests are prioritized in the following order:

  • Visiting faculty
  • Research labs
  • Temporary staff
  • All others in the order received

Availability typically varies by the time of year, platform and model.  

Inventory for hardware comes from capital replacements as well as classroom and student lab replacements.  All hardware is processed through the Service Center.  ITS will not honor requests directly to Desktop Support and IMS to “hold” machines coming out of service by faculty, staff or labs.   

Data Removal

The ITS Service Center will wipe and reformat all hard drives.  Refurbished machines start with a blank drive.  A user may request a replacement drive which will incur a charge (see Fees).


Any charges for refurbished hardware are part of the cost of redeployment and will be itemized as such.  Examples of these costs include, but are not limited to:

  • imaging fee
  • RAM upgrades
  • hard drive replacement
ITS recognizes that some faculty have a need for just a bare metal machine with no image and no need for software to be installed or supported. In such a case, there is no cost for this and the request will be filled according to the priorities stated above.