FALL 2022 Seminar Series

All Seminars are Wednesdays, 12:10-1:10pm in Exley 121 unless otherwise noted. 

September 14^ | 23rd Annual Biophysics Retreat

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Bil Clemons, Professor of Biochemistry, California Institute of Technology
Host: Olson

Note: this seminar is presented at 4:15pm at the Wadsworth Mansion as part of the day long annual Biophysics Retreat.

September 21*

Ally Nguyen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
One size doesn’t fit all: How cells tailor cell division
Host: MacQueen

September 28+

Ksenia Kastanenka, Harvard University
Targeting GABAergic interneurons to slow Alzheimer’s progression in APP/PS1 mice
Host: Naegele

October 5+

Katrina Welle, University of Massachusetts
on the topic of cytoskeletal dynamics and mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis

Host: Mitchel

October 12*

Teresa Lee, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Repressive chromatin enables the transgenerational inheritance of longevity
Host: Holmes

October 19+

John Wallingford, University of Texas

Host: Mitchel

October 26* | Zoom

Christopher Swart McGinnis '14, Stanford University
Temporally-resolved single-cell genomics reveals mechanisms of tumor-mediated immune co-option during metastasis
Host: Lane
Note: this seminar is presented virtually and will be broadcast in the seminar room.

November 2+

Fair Vassoler, Tufts University
on the topics of epigenetics and transgenerational effects of substance abuse
Host: Melón

November 9*

Josien van Wolfswinkel, Yale University
The eternal life of planarian stem cells
Host: Holmes

November 16+

Trevor Krabbenhoft, University of Buffalo
Host: Chernoff

November 30*

Alison Ringel, '09, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Diet and Immunity in the Tumor Niche
Host: Holmes

December 7+

Steve Biller,Wellesley College
on the topic of: function and abundance of extracellular vesicles in Prochlorococcus
Host: Arevalo


+Hosted by the Department of Biology
*Hosted by the Department of MB&B
^Hosted by the Biophysics Program