MB&B 339 Spring 2024 Seminar Series 

All Seminars are Wednesdays, 12:10-1:10pm in Exley 58, unless otherwise noted

January 31st+

Christos Suriano, Montclair Univerisity 

Title: TBD

Host: Treloar 

February 7th* 

Yashna Thappeta

Asymmetric division & macromolecular rearrangement through glycogen phase separation in Escherichia coli

Host: MacQueen

February 14th+


Host: Bio

February 21st+ 


Host: Bio

February 28th+ 


Host: Bio

March 6th+


Host: Bio

March 27th+

Shelly Peyton, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Bioengineering strategies to study cancer and cell migration

Host: Mitchel

April 3rd+ 

Thomas Dowling, Wayne University

Genomic evolution in fish

Host: Chernoff

April 10th*


Host: MB&B

April 17th+ 

Andrew Bass, Cornell University

Vocalization in fish

Host: Chernoff

April 24th* 

Isaac Cervantes Sandoval, Georgetown University

Title TBD

Host: Padilla


+Hosted by the Department of Biology
*Hosted by the Department of MB&B
^Hosted by the Biophysics Program