Spring 2023 Seminar Series 

All Seminars are Wednesdays, 12:10-1:10pm in Shanklin 107.

February 1* 

Binyam Mogessie, Yale University
Emerging mechanisms of chromosome segregation and genome integrity in mammalian eggs
Host: MacQueen

February 8+ 

Dmitriy Aronov, Columbia University
on the topic of food catching birds
Host: Aaron

February 15* 

Franziska Bleichert, Yale University
Mechanisms for initiating DNA replication in eukaryotes
Host: Holmes

February 22+ 

Paola Sacchetti, University of Hartford
on the topic of dopamine neurons
Host: Naegele

March 1* 


March 8+ | Virtual

Z Yan Wang, University of Washington
on the topic of: Neurobiology of aging, senescence, and death (octopus & bumble bees as models)
Host: Feng

March 29*

Blanca Barquera, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Energy metabolism in Bacteroides: new insights into respiration at the anaerobic/nanaerobic interface of the gut
Host: Padilla-Benavides

April 5+ 

Mariana Abarca, Smith College
On the topic of:responses of insect herbivores to climate change and other anthropogenic effects on the environment
Host: Singer

April 12+

Justin Rhodes, University of Illinois
Active feminization of the brain in anemonefish
Host: Naegele

April 19+ 

Taj Azarian, University of Central Florida
on the topic of: negative frequency dependent selection in Streptococcus pneumoniae
Host: Arevalo

April 26* 



+Hosted by the Department of Biology
*Hosted by the Department of MB&B
^Hosted by the Biophysics Program