Letter from the MB&B Chair

Greetings and welcome to the MB&B departmental web site. Information about our undergraduate major, graduate program, inter-disciplinary certificates, faculty members and research is provided herein.

This is an exciting time to be in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. New advances in biomedical research rely on fundamental discoveries made in these disciplines, and MB&B faculty research programs are at the forefront, ranging from examination of olfactory system development to the kinetic mechanisms of DNA repair. As befitting a small university with a robust research program, the MB&B department offers students personal attention and the opportunity to do state-of-the-art science, using a variety of technologies including X-ray crystallography, spectroscopy, transient kinetics, cellular microscopy, proteomics and molecular genetics.

Our undergraduate students excel at all levels, often completing double majors and graduating with senior honors theses and co-authorships on research papers. They are admitted to top-ranked graduate and medical programs after leaving Wesleyan University. Graduate students work closely with faculty to make exciting new discoveries, publishing in top journals and securing excellent post-doctoral positions and job opportunities. I encourage you to learn more about the MB&B program by exploring this site. Feel free to email any member of the department with questions as well.

Thanks for your interest and best regards,

Robert Lane, Chairman
MB&B Department


Advising Experts

Biophysics: Ishita Mukerji
Informatics and Modeling: Robert Lane
Pre-Major/General MB&B: Michelle Murolo, Don Oliver