OISA Communications

OISA uses various methods of communication to share important information with Wesleyan’s international student community. Our different communications and their purposes are explained below.     

Wesleyan International Student E-newsletter (WISE)

OISA sends the Wesleyan International Student E-newsletter (WISE) to all current international students on a biweekly basis during the fall and spring semesters. WISE is a comprehensive e-newsletter tailored to the Wesleyan international student experience that includes updates and reminders for F-1 students; upcoming events, programs, and cultural observances; academic and career success opportunities; health, wellness, and safety resources; an “International Cardinal Spotlight” featuring a current Wesleyan international student; and a “Did You Know?” section with trivia at the end.  

Through the International Cardinal Spotlight section of each issue of WISE, OISA wishes to showcase international students who exhibit qualities such as leadership, advocacy, public service, civic engagement, involvement in campus life, and academic excellence. We encourage current international students and Wesleyan staff and faculty to nominate remarkable International Cardinals so we can honor their excellence and share their stories in WISE!   

Wesleyan international students who have been featured in the International Cardinal Spotlight include Anna Nguyen, Robyn Min Xuan Wong, Ann Zhang, Leïla Patsalides, Cristi Gonzalez, Fatai Olabemiwo, Fatoumata Gaye, Mikoto Nakamura, Othmane El Houssi, Kseniia Guliaeva, Yun Huynh, Felice Li, Diana Venus, Molly FungEugene Gato Nsengamungu, Aaron Leong, Yunxuan (Wendy) Wu, Priyanshu Pokhrel, Richard Bennet, Bilge Buyukdemirtas, Jennie Ebihara, Florina Sutanto, Cici Wang, Tereza Pesmazoglou, Marouan El-Asery, Anan Afrida, Mitsu Raval, Diana KimojinoMegan Sigalos, Jiahong Chen, Debbra Goh, Veronica Goss, Lera Svirydzenka, Fernando Caballero, Xiran Tan, and David Calderon.

In addition, if you are a Wesleyan student, staff, or faculty member and have news you would like OISA to consider including in WISE, please submit your announcement via our news-sharing form. If you are a member of the Wesleyan community and do not receive WISE and are interested in subscribing to it, please send an email to oisa@wesleyan.edu. 

Past issues of WISE 

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OISA primarily utilizes email to share important information with F-1 and J-1 international students about maintenance of status. Emails often include updates and/or reminders about federal and institutional rules and regulations, benefits like practical training (CPT/OPT), and deadlines to complete certain processes to maintain one’s visa status. Please always make time to carefully read emails from OISA and take action when required. If you are ever uncertain about the content of an email or whether it applies to your situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.     

Social Media

OISA has both Facebook and Instagram accounts. During the fall and spring semesters, we post regularly on both platforms about events, programs, workshops, cultural observances, opportunities, resources, reminders for F-1 students, and more. If you use Facebook and/or Instagram, follow us to stay in the know on all things international student-related at Wes! 


Our website is your 24/7/365 always available resource for information about immigration and non-immigration matters related to being an international student at Wes. We post important announcements on the right side of our homepage. Whenever you have a question or concern related to your F-1 visa status or a non-immigration aspect of your international student experience, please begin by visiting our website and searching for the information you need. You may always send an email to oisa@wesleyan.edu or utilize our advising services if you cannot find the guidance you need on our website.