International Student Orientation (ISO)

2023 ISO Intern and Leaders, serious photo & funny photo

Thank you for your interest in International Student Orientation (ISO)! ISO welcomes more than 100 new international students and their families to Wesleyan each fall. The purpose of ISO is to introduce international students to each other and to all that the Wesleyan community has to offer.

ISO does not happen by itself—it is the product of the leadership and energy of the ISO Intern and ISO Leaders (ISOLs) guided by the OISA professional staff. The commitment and enthusiasm of ISO student staff is at the heart of its success. We are delighted that you would like to play a part in welcoming new international students and supporting them in their transition to Wesleyan. See below for more information about our 2024 ISO Intern and ISOL roles and applications.  

2024 ISO Intern & ISOL Applications

2024 International Student Orientation (ISO) student job openings have been posted in Handshake! The two positions for which we are hiring are ISO Intern, which is an excellent leadership role that requires full-time work with the OISA staff here on the Wesleyan campus throughout the summer and ISO program, and ISO Leaders (ISOLs) who will be hired to work August 22-28 in support of incoming international students. For additional information about these roles and their applications, please click on the following Handshake links:      

To be eligible for either role you must be a Class of ’25, ’26 or ’27 student continuing your studies on the Wesleyan campus in the Fall 2024 Semester. Eligible students are welcome to apply for both roles. To be considered for either position, you must submit a complete application via Handshake by the deadline: Sunday, March 31, 2024 at 11:55pm. If you have any questions about these ISO student staff positions, please send an email to