Check-In FAQs

The following are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from students when completing their OISA Check-In for Students with Initial I-20s Request in the ISS Portal. Please read these FAQs and answers. If you still have questions, please email

OISA Check-In for Students with Initial I-20s

Submit this request if you are a new F-1 status international student to Wesleyan University, or are a student returning from a leave of absence, to complete your required check-in with OISA so your SEVIS record can be registered.
  • Cannot Access my I-94
    Q: I went to the I-94 website, clicked on “Get Most Recent I-94” but the site could not locate my record. What should I do?

    A: If the I-94 - Official Website was unable to locate your most recent electronic entry record, this is likely because you entered the U.S. so recently that the system has not yet updated. If you need an extension to complete your SEVIS Check-in because you cannot retrieve your I-94, please email and let us know.
  • Not Given an Entry Stamp
    Q: Upon entry to the United States, I did not receive an entry stamp at the airport. I asked the CBP officer and he said that this airport does not stamp passports anymore. Is this okay?

    A: Many airports in the U.S. have stopped providing entry stamps when you go through a port of entry. Because of this, the entry stamp is an optional document to upload in the OISA Check-in for Students with Initial I-20s. Make sure that your Form I-94 reads “F-1, D/S” to confirm that you were admitted in F-1 status and can remain in the U.S. for the duration of your status (D/S).
  • Failing the Two Quiz Attempts
    Q: I have failed the two attempts to pass the quiz but completed the rest of the Check-in e-form. How can I retake the quiz so that I can submit my Check-in?

    A: If you did not receive a 90% after attempting the "Staying in Status" quiz twice, the ISS Portal will inform OISA. Please wait for an email from OISA stating that your assessment attempts have been reset. Do not start a new request. You will then have two more chances to pass the quiz. If you are unable to pass this quiz with a 90% or above after two more attempts, you will be required to meet with an OISA staff member to discuss this matter.
  • Having Problems Logging in to the ISS Portal
    Q: I’m having problems logging in to the ISS Portal. What should I do?

    A: If you cannot log in and have already contacted, no further actions are required. OISA will get back to you soon. If you have not contacted us, please send a screenshot of your log-in error message to and we will assist you.