COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs for International Students

Updated July 20, 2021

Wesleyan University requires all students to receive the vaccine prior to returning to campus for the fall 2021 semester. Every student (with the exception of those who have approved medical or religious exemptions) will need to verify with the University that they are fully vaccinated prior to their arrival. Students can upload their vaccination record to the Davison Health Center. If you have additional questions about COVID-19 vaccines and requirements, please email

Questions from Incoming and Current F-1 Students

What advice do you have for international students who are coming to campus in Fall 2021?

  • Get vaccinated as soon as you can. This protects yourself, your family and your community and adds to the global herd immunity effort.
  • If you can be vaccinated with one of the US FDA approved vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson), please do so.
  • If not possible, get vaccinated with one of the WHO approved vaccines.
  • If not possible, get vaccinated with other Covid-19 vaccines approved in one’s country.
  • If one has received a vaccine not approved in the US or was unable to be vaccinated prior to arrival, we will arrange an approved vaccine shortly after arrival to campus.

If I get vaccinated in my home country with a different vaccine than what's available in the U.S., will it be acceptable?

Currently there are 3 currently FDA approved (EUA) vaccines in the US.  Additionally, the Astra Zeneca, the Sinopharm, and the Sinovac vaccines are acceptable vaccines. We understand that this summer we will see a number of vaccines available for folks all over the world.  While there are 13 vaccines approved for use in different spots in the world and at least another 60+ in development, Wesleyan health services will be reviewing information from the CDC and other health organizations over the coming months to answer questions you may have about other vaccine options. If you have a chance to get a vaccine that is endorsed by your country you should do so.  

What if vaccines are not available in my country? Will I be allowed to return? Should I schedule an earlier flight so that I can come get fully vaccinated before the semester starts? 

Yes. We understand that you may not have access to a COVID-19 vaccine, and you will be able to get a vaccine once you arrive at Wesleyan. Wesleyan Health Services will advise you on options to get your vaccine near campus. Please note that F-1 students with an initial I-20 may enter the U.S. up to 30 days before the program start date on your I-20.

In compliance with the US Center for Disease Control, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers to the US are required to self-quarantine for 7 days, even if you receive a negative test result prior to the 7-day quarantine termination. First year students who cannot get a vaccine are permitted to arrive at Wesleyan on or after August 24, 2021, to complete their self-quarantine. First year students who have received the full course of a COVID-19 vaccine should plan to arrive on Sunday, August 29, 2021. Returning F-1 students should plan to arrive on September 4, 2021.

What are the quarantine requirements upon arrival to campus if I am unvaccinated or partially vaccinated?

At this time, we are awaiting guidance from the CDC and the CT state Department of Health to advise us as to whether unvaccinated or partially vaccinated students would need to quarantine upon arrival to campus.

Questions from F-1 Students Currently on OPT/OPT STEM Extension

I am currently on F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) or F-1 OPT STEM extension. My F-1 visa is sponsored by Wesleyan University. Am I required to be vaccinated? 

F-1 Students who are currently on OPT or OPT STEM extension are highly encouraged to be vaccinated but it is not required. Students on OPT/OPT STEM extension should use the Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) to secure appointments for vaccines.