International Student Advisory Board

International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) informs and advises the International Resource Team (ie. administrative offices on campus) on intercultural programs, services, and issues that concern undergraduate international students at Wesleyan University. 

ISAB is composed of 7-10 current Wesleyan undergraduate students. The application process, which is open to all undergraduate students on campus, is competitive and seeks to seat a board that is highly diverse and broadly representative of the university’s international student body. ISAB members are expected to think critically, ask difficult questions, perform research and analysis, engage in dialogue, work with a myriad of cultures, and promote advocacy.

ISAB members will:

  • Be an accessible and visible resource for the international student community.
  • Foster a supportive intercultural learning community among international students.
  • Keep the University accountable and responsive to international students and their concerns.
  • Act as campus leaders in encouraging discussions, collecting feedback, advocating for their needs, and raising the visibility of international students.
  • Give insight and develop relationships with other Wesleyan offices and student organizations. 

Responsibilities of ISAB Board Members

  • Participate in ISAB on-campus training.
  • Attend weekly ISAB meetings. In Fall 2020, the weekly meetings are held via Zoom. 
  • Undertake special projects or events within the purview of ISAB’s responsibilities and under the direction of the International Resource Team. 

Membership Rules

  1. Students may not maintain membership with ISAB if they plan to study abroad during the academic year.
  2. More than two unexcused absences from regularly scheduled ISAB meetings are grounds for dismissal from ISAB.
  3. Board membership is effective for one academic year but is renewable for one additional year with the discretion of the Director of International Student Services. 

To contact ISAB, email