Preparing for Your End of Program

Come to our Post-Completion Options for F-1 Students Workshop on Tuesday, February 6, 2024 from 12:00pm-1:00 p.m. EST in Boger 112. We will record the session and then post it here on this webpage as a video resource for Wesleyan international students.    

At the end of your F-1 visa program at Wesleyan, including any post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) or STEM OPT, you have several options. You will need to notify OISA of which option you will choose.

Grace Period

For F-1 students, your 60-day grace period in the U.S. begins from the date you finish your academic program. The program end date on your I-20 should reflect this date. Students who stay on for post-completion OPT also have a 60-day period following the completion of the OPT. 

If your Form I-20 lists a program end date into the future, it will be updated to reflect the date you complete or anticipate completing your program. This will help you in calculating your grace period.

During your grace period, you may:

  • Prepare for departure from the U.S.
  • Travel within the U.S.
  • Obtain another Form I-20 from another program at Wesleyan
  • Transfer to another school to start a new program*
  • Change to another U.S. visa status
  • F-1 students may also apply for post-completion OPT during the 60-day grace period following completion of a degree program.

* F-1 students may request a transfer of their SEVIS record during the 60-day grace period

Departing the U.S. 

Before departing Wesleyan University, all F-1 students need to email OISA to declare their intent to depart the United States so that we may accurately update your SEVIS record and archive your file.

Please note: by departing the U.S. during your 60-day grace period—unless you have a pending post-completion OPT application with USCIS, submitted a SEVIS Transfer Out or Change of Education Level request, or changed status—you will effectively end your F-1 visa status.