Green Office Certification Program

Wesleyan's Green Office Certification Program is designed to recognize, support, and promote offices and departments that engage in environmentally sustainable practices. All administrative offices and academic departments are eligible to become Green Office Certified.

  • Why join the program?

    The Green Office Certification Program provides the following benefits to your office/department:

    • Recognition: Your office will receive a Green Office Certificate that you can display in your office.  You will also be recognized on the Wesleyan Sustainability Office's website.
    • Support: The Sustainability Office will help you through the process of greening your office, offering tips and help for you to achieve your goals.
    • Stewardship: Your efforts help Wesleyan to reduce resource consumption and build a sustainable campus culture.
  • Get started

    For a brief overview, view our introductory presentation.  

    1. Download and review the Green Office Certification form and implementation guide (which includes resources for your office).
    2. Read the instructions tab of the spreadsheet.
    3. Define your office/department (recommend physical locations, e.g. Exley 5th Floor) and decide as an office/department that you wish to participate (requires sign-off from the head of your office/department). 
    4. Establish a Green Office Coordinator. This person will be responsible for managing the certification form, coordinating participation, and reviewing completed checklists with the Sustainability Office.
    5. Notify the Sustainability Office of your intention to participate.
  • Gather information and set goals
    1. Green Office Coordinator distributes individual checklist to all employees in defined office. The individual checklist is available as a tab in the checklist spreadsheet, as a separate spreadsheet, and as a Google Sheet
    2. Employees complete individual checklist and return to Coordinator.  Individual checklists should take no more than 10 minutes for each person in your office to fill out.
    3. Coordinator confirms that at least 75% of the office/department has completed the individual checklist.  To answer in the affirmative for any overall checklist question, 90% of participating office members must answer "yes" to the associated individual checklist question.
    4. Coordinator completes all tabs of the Green Office Certification checklist (instructions, checklist, and goals/submittal) and enters in collated individual information.  This process should take no more than one hour once all information is collected. 
    5. Coordinator identifies opportunities for improvement and enters in three goals on the Goals and Submittal tab.  
  • Review and get recognized
    1. Coordinator reviews checklist and notifies the Sustainability Office of completion.
    2. Coordinator (and others from the office/department, if desired) sets up a one hour meeting with Sustainability Office to review checklist and confirm award.
    3. Once the award and credits are confirmed, the office receives an award.  Offices are encouraged to hang their certification plaque in a location visible to visitors in their office
    Certifications are valid for 3 years from the date awarded.
  • Certified Green Offices


    • Anthropology Department (certified April 2022)

    Formerly certified offices

    • Campus Store (Platinum certified October 2019)
    • Cardinal Print & Copy (Platinum certified August 2019)
    • Instructional Media Services (Silver certified January 2019)
    • Exley 5th Floor (Bronze certified June 2018)
    • North College 3rd Floor (Silver certified March 2018)