Freecycle Listserv

Wesleyan Freecycle is a listserv open to the Wesleyan community to exchange work-related items (excess office supplies, furniture, etc.) or personal items (clothing, electronics, toys, etc.)

Freecycle rules

  1. Everything must be free.
  2. Exchanges of illegal and controlled substances or Wesleyan-owned technology (computers, iPads, etc.) are not permitted. If you have unwanted technology, please contact Desktop Support.
  3. Wesleyan-owned property may only be given away for Wesleyan use. If you have unwanted Wesleyan-owned property that you are unable to find a home for on Freecycle or if you are looking for something that is not currently available on Freecycle, please contact Bill Nelligan.
  4. Attachments must be under 2 MB in size (it's recommended to share a document with thumbnail pictures if offering multiple items).

Using Freecycle

To subscribe

With a Wesleyan email: Visit

With a non-Wesleyan email: Email Jen Kleindienst with the subject "Join Freecycle" to request to be added.

Once added, you will be able to send to and will receive all messages sent to that list.  If you would prefer to receive a daily digest of posts to the listserv, you can change your settings via Google Groups.  

To send a message

  • Use the headings "Personal" or "Business" before Freecycle offers 
  • OFFER (business or personal): item
  • WANTED: item 
  • PROMISED: item
  • Put details in the message, not in the subject line

To unsubscribe 

Use the link at the bottom of a Freecycle email or visit

Freecycle Facebook Group

Are Freecycle emails too overwhelming or not relevant to you?  Try the Freecycle Facebook group instead!  Open to anyone, but designed for student exchanges.  (Note: this is much less frequently used than the email listserv, so you are likely to see far fewer posts.)

Physical Freecycle Locations

A working group is identifying locations across campus for publicly-available Freecycle locations.

For more information or to get involved please contact:

  • Div I: Dawn Alger (CFA)
  • Div II: Marie McKenna (Allbritton)
  • Div III: Anika Dane (Science Complex)

Those currently available are listed below; if you have a new location to suggest, please contact

  • Art Studio South: Located in the lobby outside the woodshop, the Art Freecycle cabinet is available to all community members. Take what you want, drop off what you don’t need. Types of materials encouraged include paint, brushes, paper, drawing supplies, sculpture materials, string, wire, fabric, etc…
  • Art Studio South freecycle cabinet