Wesleyan Local Co-op

The Wesleyan Local Food Cooperative is a student-organized and -run group whose goal is to bring local, sustainably grown, and delicious food to the Wesleyan community. Wesleyan students may use their points to purchase the shares they order; employees can also participate via cash, check, or credit card.

Nine groups make up the cooperative: cheese, bread, meat, produce, tofu, seitan, mushrooms, coffee, and kombucha. The individual co-ops and their products are detailed below.  

All students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in co-ops.  Email questions to Naomi Ellis or Michael Minars.  


Sign-up: Co-ops run each semester, usually for 9 weeks.  The Fall 2023 sign-up form is open through Wednesday, September 20 at 11:59 PM.  All participants MUST do both of the following:

  1. Fill out the sign-up form.
  2. Go to Swipe Night Thursday, September 27th from 5-8 PM at Usdan Daniel Family Commons to register to pay for the shares they have signed up for.  All shareholder WesIDs or payment method MUST be present to pay (you can send a representative for your group).

Payment: Participants choose one or more co-ops and pay for each a la carte.  Payments accepted include WesCard, credit card, or check (made out to Bon Appétit). Participants can split the shares with up to 6 people and may split the shares evenly or unevenly between participants. For example: Sara pays for 50% of 1 bread share while Clare, Lamonte, and Isaac split the other 50%. 

Weekly and biweekly pickups: Some groups have weekly pickups and others have biweekly pickups.  Pickups are every Wednesday from 5-7 PM in the Usdan Multipurpose Room (Room B25). 

Fall pickup dates will be on Oct 4, 11, and 18; Nov 1, 8, 15, and 29; Dec 6 and 13.

Additional Details

  • Bread

    $72/27 points per share

    1 loaf of bread of your choice per week, 9 pickups per semester

    Sourced from Sweet Sage Bakery

    Bread options

    • Rustica - wheat sourdough
    • Roasted Garlic Asiago - wheat sourdough
    • Six Herb - organic herbs: parsley, dill, rosemary, marjoram, basil & fennel, wheat sourdough with sesame seeds on top
    • Challah - traditional egg bread made with yeast
    • French Country - wheat, whole wheat & rye sourdough
    • Olive Boule - same as french country but with kalamata olives
    • Potato Rosemary - same as french country with organic red potatoes and rosemary
    • Multigrain - wheat and whole wheat sourdough with seven grain & seed mix
    • Farmhouse - wheat, whole wheat & cracked wheat sourdough
    • Whole Grain - wheat, whole wheat, rye & buckwheat sourdough
  • Cheese

    $123/123 points per share

    2-½ lb. blocks of cheese of your choice per pickup, 5 bi-weekly pickups per semester

    Sourced from Cato Corner Farm (Colchester, CT) 

    Cheese options

    • Dutch Farmstead
    • Womanchego
    • Black Ledge Blue
    • Vivace Bambino
    • Bloomsday
    • Vivace
    • Aged Bloomsday
    • Dairyere
    • Hooligan
  • Coffee

    $77/77 points per share

    12 oz. bag of coffee of your choice of roast per pickup, 5 bi-weekly pickups per semester

    Sourced from Perkatory (Middletown, CT)

    Coffee options

    • Light Roast
    • Dark Roast
    • Espresso beans
  • Eggs

    $33/33 points per share 

    6 eggs per week, 9 pickups per semester

  • Kombucha

    $110/110 points per share

    9 weekly pickups per semester

    Sourced from 860Kombucha (Mystic, CT)

    Shareholders will receive a 32oz Bottle of your choice of select local and seasonal Kombucha Flavors each week.  Common flavor options include: 

    • Berry Breeze – blueberry, mint, lime
    • Be Hoppy – hope, pineapple, mango, apple, lemon, lime
    • Morning Dew – elderberry, lemon, lime
    • Deep Sea – blue spirulina, coconut, pineapple, lime
    • Light and Sunny – lemon, ginger, lime
  • Meat

    $100/100 points per share 

    Sourced from Cold Spring Farm (Colchester, CT)

    Meat options (availability and quantity varies week to week) all packages $9 so if you choose a more expensive option, it will be a smaller quantity and vice versa.

    • Ground Beef $8.50/lb.
    • Ground Pork Sausage $7.99/lb.
    • Pork Chops $6.99/lb.
    • Ground Turkey $6.99/lb.
    • Chicken Thighs $5.99/lb.
    • Bacon $9/lb.
  • Mushrooms

    $65/65 points per share

    ½ lb. mix of mushrooms, 5 bi-weekly pickups per semester

    Sourced from Seacoast Mushrooms (Mystic, CT)

    Common mushroom options

    • Button 
    • Portobello 
    • Shiitake 
    • Blue oyster 
    • Lion's mane 
    • King trumpet
    • Crimini 
    • Chanterelle 
    • Maitake
  • Produce

    $120/120 points per share

    5-7 lbs. of produce weekly, 9 pickups per semester

    Sourced from Horse Listeners Farm (Ashford, CT) and other northeastern farms

    Produce options may include (seasonally dependent)

    • Beets
    • Turnips
    • Squash
    • Onions
    • Carrots
    • Potatoes
    • Apples
    • Cabbage
    • Greens
    • Garlic 

    A typical weekly produce share might include 2-3 bunches of spinach, 3-4 apples, 3-4 turnips, 1 squash, 2-3 carrots, and 1 head of garlic.  

  • Seitan

    $50/50 points per share

    1 lb. of seitan, 9 weekly pickups per semester

    Sourced from The Bridge (Middletown, CT)

  • Tofu

    $25/25 points per share

    1 lb. of firm tofu weekly, 9 pickups per semester

    Sourced from The Bridge (Middletown, CT)