Advertising and Signage in Usdan

Advertise your event in Usdan!  Usdan has multiple corkboards and digital display locations for hard copy and digital advertising. 


  • Digital Signage

    There are two ways to advertise on Usdan Digital Signage!

    Common Area Digital Signage: There are 7 public screen locations for advertising your event.  When submitted for display on these screens, advertisements run until the requested cancellation date, and all advertisements submitted are displayed in a random order along with other information that cycles on the screens.  To submit your advertisement for the common area screens, please fill out this form: Common Area Signage Form

    Once entered all submissions will be reviewed and you will receive an email indicating that your posting was either approved or rejected (if rejected the message will explain why).  Digital signage must adhere to the Wesleyan University and Usdan posting policies. 

    Digital Banner Locations: In place of paper banners, Usdan now has two large displays in the cafe area.  Generally, these locations will pull from submissions to the Common Area Signage Form.  If you would like to specifically highlight your event on these screens, please reach out to  

    Keep in mind that all files must be under the 100MB file size limit and all videos will be cut off past 30 seconds and will not have audio.

    If you have any questions, please email  

  • Corkboards

    Corkboards are first come, first serve and are cleared every other Sunday (dates are noted on each board).  Additionally, anyone posting to the boards must supply their own pushpins or thumb tacks - please no staples.  

    Postings must adhere to the university posting policy outlined in the student handbook.  Additionally, please be mindful that Usdan is a public space that serves a larger community, including young children, and posting may be removed at staff members discretion. 

    Any postings placed on surfaces other than corkboards are a violation of university policy and will be removed immediately.