With great sadness, we learned of the death of William Wasch (1931-2021) on August 28. Together with his wife Susie, Bill founded Wesleyan University's Wasch Center for Retired Faculty, the home of the Institute for Lifelong Learning. Bill was an intrepid and faithful participant in many WILL courses, including in the last year of his life. Our hearts go out to his family as we recall the countless lives he touched and made better with his kindness and generosity.

Welcome to the Wasch Center

Founded in 2004, the Susan B. and William K. Wasch Center for Retired Faculty provides a shared intellectual and social community where retirees may continue their engagement with teaching and scholarly activities. The programs of the Wasch Center include faculty members approaching retirement as well as retirees, extending as well to the Wesleyan and Middletown communities.

The Wasch Center is dedicated to providing programs and services that contribute to the continued vitality and welfare of retired faculty members. The Center provides a means of connection among retired faculty members as well as a link to the ongoing activities of Wesleyan University and the surrounding community.

Institute of Lifelong Learning