Do not overload the washing machine. When the water is added to the clothing the load becomes very heavy. If the machine is overloaded it will not be able to spin fast enough to remove the water from the clothes. The clothes will come out wet and require more drying time if the spin cycle wasn't fast enough.


Do not use too much laundry detergent in the washing machine as you will cause an oversudsing problem. The washing machine has a sensor in it that detects too much suds. This sensor will continually add rinses which results in more water wasted than needed to rinse the clothes. It will keep rinsing until it doesn't sense anymore suds. With the addition of more rinses it extends the time left on the machine in the wash cycle and may stay on the same time left for an extended period of time.


DO NOT PRY OPEN THE WASHING MACHINE. It is locked for your safety until the washing cycle is finished.



Do not overload the dryer as it will cost you more money to dry your clothes. The dryer needs space to tumble freely so the hot air will circulate through the clothes to dry them.


Bed Bugs

Please visit the Residential  Life website for further information on dealing with Bed Bugs. If you have Bed Bugs, please put the clothing in the dryer first before you wash the clothing as the heat kiils the Bed Bugs.