Use the appropriate amount of laundry detergent for front loaders which is either 2 tablespoons or 1 pod. Using more than that amount will lead to oversudsing, which will not wash clean, or adds to the rinse time because the washing machine has a sensor in it that detects too much suds. This sensor will continually add rinses which results in more water wasted than needed to rinse the clothes. It will keep rinising until it doesn't sense anymore suds. With the addition of more rinses it extends the time left on the machine in the wash cycle and may stay on the same time left for an extended period of time.

Do not overload the washing machine as clothes need adequate space to be propely cleaned. Remember when water is added to heavy items they become extremely heavy such as jeans, towels, jackets and comforters. If the machine is overloaded it will not be able to spin fast enough to remove the water from the clothes. The clothes will come out wet and require more drying time if the spin cycle wasn't fast enough.

Do not wash single items like a pillow, a pair of sneakers or a stuffed animal as this will under load the machine and this can be just as bad.

Do put all smaller objects (such as socks) and those with drawstrings or thin straps into the washing machine before larger items. Otherwise, the force of the spin cycle may cause items to get caught between the drum and the wall and break the machine or prevent it from draining.


DO NOT PRY OPEN THE WASHING MACHINE BEFORE THE CYCLE IS COMPLETE.  The door lock is a safety feature to keep you from being harmed. This will result in the machine having to be rebuilt, which will take it out of commission for an extended period of time.It is locked for your safety until the washing cycle is finished.



Do not overfill the dryer as clothes need adequate space in order to be properly dried. Overfilling the dryer is counteproductive and wastes your money and can lead to machine breakdowns or extended drying times. The dryer needs space to tumble freely so the hot air will circulate through the clothes to dry them.


Bed Bugs

Please visit the Residential  Life website for further information on dealing with Bed Bugs. If you have Bed Bugs, please put the clothing in the dryer first before you wash the clothing as the heat kiils the Bed Bugs.


Broken Machines

Please report any broken machines to the WesCard office at crizza@wesleyan.edu  or by telephone at 860-685-3253. Please give the location, the machine number, describe the problem - what it is or is not doing. the more information received will help the technician service the machine better. If you cannot report it the above two ways then at least, tell your RA about the problem and machine number so it can be called in. Do not assume someone else has already done so. Do not go to the Mac-Gray website or call them directly