Wesleyan University Mobile eAccounts Application User Guide

Searching for Wesleyan University

After installing Blackboard Transact to your Apple iPhone™ or iPod Touch™ device, tap the eAccounts icon to open the application.  You can select Wesleyan University from the initial screen by scrolling through the list or entering a search value to find it. The login screen displays.

Logging Into eAccounts

 After selecting Wesleyan University then login.  Enter your Username and Password exactly as you would when using the eAccounts web page.

Home Menu

The Home screen displays the current available features.

Account Summary, Transaction, and Deposit

Tapping the Accounts button on the Home menu displays a list of your current accounts and balances. Select an account by tapping on the account name to see a list of recent transactions and/or to make a deposit. To return to the Summary screen, select the Accounts button in the upper left corner.

To make a deposit, select the Make a Deposit button. You must have a saved payment method previously created in eAccounts using a web browser, to make a deposit with the mobile eAccounts application. All valid saved payment methods are displayed. Select the desired saved payment method and then enter an Amount to deposit. Tap the Make a Deposit button to process the transaction. The screen displays the transaction result and returns to the Accounts screen.

Deactivate Lost Card

Tapping the Lost Card button on the Home menu displays the Lost Card screen. Select your card. Tap the Deactivate Card button to immediately deactivate the card. This card will no longer be valid for use until it is reactivated.

Activate Found Card

Tapping the Found Card button on the Home menu displays the Found Card screen. Select your card that you had previously deactivated. Tap the Activate Card button to immediately activate the card. This card is now valid for use.