Winter Session 2024 Courses

The Winter Session 2024 schedule is as follows:
Classes meet January 9 - 22; reading day January 23; finals day January 24. 

Course schedules are listed in Eastern Time.  Students may take a maximum of 1 credit in Winter Session. Courses will meet for all 40 class hours. Auditing is not permitted in Winter Session courses. Winter registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The request, payment and any approvals must be fully complete before registrations are processed. Students are encouraged to contact faculty directly with any questions about courses. All information is subject to change without notice.

Modality of courses (in person / online) and schedules will be posted as the information becomes available.


  • CEAS207Z Foundations of East Asian Cultures // Allison Bernard // Online // Syllabus // Cancelled
  • COL354Z/HIST354Z/MDST354Z Self and Text in Roman North Africa: Augustine’s Confessions // Jesse Torgerson // In Person // Syllabus
  • ENGL324Z/AFAM324Z/AMST334Z, Black Power and the Modern Narrative of Slavery // Ashraf Rushdy // Online // Syllabus
  • Fully-Enrolled - FILM448Z Directing Actors for the Camera // David Kendall // In Person // Syllabus
  • MUSC293Z/AMST294Z Mapping Culture // Eric Charry // In Person // Syllabus // Cancelled
  • THEA236Z/FGSS233Z Writing the Body // Katie Brewer-Ball // Online // Syllabus
  • WRCT210Z/COL308Z/ ENGL202Z// Contemporary Short Stories in Translation //  Damion Searls // Online // Syllabus 


  • AMST179Z Contemporary US Politics // Laura Grappo // Online // Syllabus // Cancelled
  • CSPL318Z Global Populism and the US Election // Esam Boraey // In Person // Syllabus // Cancelled
  • CSPL135Z/CIS135Z Introduction to Mindfulness // David Leipziger Teva (.5 credits) // Online // Syllabus
  • EDST213Z Introduction to Social Justice Education // Demetrius Colvin // Online // Syllabus
  • HIST210Z Saints, Dervishes and Society in the Islamicate World // Hasan Karatas // Online // Syllabus // Cancelled
  • HIST265Z The History of Surveillance and Information in the United States // Jeffrey Lamson // In Person // Syllabus // Cancelled
  • PSYC327Z The Psychology of Conflict Resolution // Steven Stemler // In Person // Syllabus
  • Fully-EnrolledQAC201Z/GOV201Z/NS&B280Z/PSYC280Z Applied Data Analysis // 2 Sections //  Valerie Nazzaro - In Person // Syllabus // Manolis Kaparakis - Online
  • RELI230Z/GSAS230Z Cinematic Culture Clash? Muslims and/in the West  // Peter Gottschalk // In Person // Syllabus // Cancelled


  • Fully-EnrolledCOMP112Z Introduction to Programming // Kelly Thayer // Online // Syllabus
  • Fully-EnrolledENVS105Z Plant Communities of New England // Kate Miller // Online // Syllabus
  • PSYC327Z The Psychology of Conflict Resolution // Steven Stemler // In Person // Syllabus // Please note this is only available as an SBS-PSYC Gen-Ed
  • Fully-EnrolledPSYC295Z The Science of Happiness // Jennifer D’Andrea // Online // Syllabus
  • BIOL/MB&B155Z Tiny Organisms with a Big Effect: The Microbiome // Sarah Kopac // Online

All courses above are 1.0 credit except where marked. Courses are subject to change without notice.

Students taking Wesleyan courses for credit online in a U.S. state outside of Connecticut may use this form to submit questions or concerns.

Visit Wesmaps to see a list of Winter Session courses that have previously been offered.


Mango Languages

Wesleyan students may enroll in 0.25-credit, on-line language courses using Mango Languages over Winter Break (at no cost). Courses are available for many languages such as Danish, Farsi, Romanian, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish and many more. Note that students may not use this option to study a language offered through regular classroom instruction. For more information visit and click on the “Mango Language for a 1/4 Credit” drop-down, or contact Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret, Director of Language Resources and Technology, at