The Registrar's Office will be closed Monday, May 30, Friday, June 17, Friday, July 1 and Monday, July 4. Also, the Registrar's Office will close at Noon on the following Fridays: July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29 and August 5.

Please adjust your requests accordingly.


  • What should a student do if the desired faculty tutor is NOT listed in the drop down list for a particular tutorial?
    • Please contact the Registrar's Office at x3222 or Paul Turenne at x2352.

  • What should a student do if the desired tutorial is NOT listed in WesMaps?
    • Students should contact the academic department/program to inquire if that course can be offered. If the dept/prog agrees to offer the course, the Administrative Assistant will need to submit a CI Update to the Registrar's Office requesting that the course be created for the current semester. Once in WesMaps, students would then need to submit the tutorial request to the tutor.
  • When do tutorials get requested and approved?
    • All tutorial enrollment requests and approvals must occur during Drop/Add.

  • Are students still expected to meet with the faculty members regarding their tutorial request?
    • YES. Students should view this enhancement as simply a replacement of the paper form.

  • Can a denied tutorial request by reversed?
    • YES. If a tutorial request is denied, the student will need to submit a new tutorial enrollment request with electronic form.

  • Where can tutorial registration be accessed in the EPortfolio?
    • STUDENT- Course Registration>Drop/Add>Subject Area>Tutorials

      TUTOR- Courses>Course Management>Enrollment Requests

      CHAIR/DIRECTOR- Chair Tools>Tutorial Requests

      ADVISOR- Advising>Advisees>Drop/Add

  • Do tutorials count towards the 4 full credit course limit?
    • NO. Tutorials, Private Music Lessons, and courses worth less than 1.00 credit do not count towards the limit. Therefore, advisors do not need to raise the student's credit limit.

  • Are all tutorials done through the Drop/Add system?
  • Does a tutorial request still need approval from the tutor, chair/director, and advisor?
    • YES. The relevant faculty members will receive automated emails when an approval takes place in the step preceding theirs. Also, each step is completed through the EPortfolio.

  • Who can change the information on the tutorial form?
    • Only the student can change information on the tutorial form.
  • Can the information on the tutorial form be changed at any point?
    • NO. The tutorial form information is FROZEN once approved by the Faculty Tutor. Therefore the student should make sure the form is set before submitting to the tutor. Also, the tutor should request and receive all changes before approving the tutorial.

  • Can the grading mode be changed once the tutorial is a course enrollment?
    • NO. The grading mode cannot be changed once approved by the tutor.

  • Does each student in a group tutorial need to fill out a form?
    • YES. Each student will need to submit an electronic tutorial request form. Please note that the tutor may distribute universal text at the first class meeting, etc.
  • How can tutorial forms be printed out?
    • Tutorial forms can only be printed during Drop/Add. Students can print the form at any time in the Tutorial Enrollment Requests table. Tutors can print the form until it is approved by the advisor in the Tutorial Enrollment Requests table. Chairs/Directors can print the form at any time in the Tutorial Requests table. Advisors can print the form until it is approved by the advisor in the Tutorial Enrollment Requests table.

      Please note that most internet browsers will need the "Print Selected Frame" option clicked.

  • How does a student drop a tutorial once it is an enrolled course?
    • Click the Drop 'x' in the Drop/Add Transactions table, just as if it was a regular course enrollment. Please note that clicking the Cancel Request 'x' in the Tutorial Enrollment Requests table, will NOT drop a student from an advisor approved tutorial.

  • Who do I contact with questions/issues?
    • Drop/Add, Registrar's Help Line, x3222

      EPortfolio, Paul Turenne, x2352

      Honors, Susan Krajewski x2738

      Graduate Studies, Barbara Schukoske, x2224