The Registrar's Office will be closed Monday, May 30, Friday, June 17, Friday, July 1 and Monday, July 4. Also, the Registrar's Office will close at Noon on the following Fridays: July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29 and August 5.

Please adjust your requests accordingly.

Academic Record FAQ

  • Why can't I see my grades?
    • A student can only see grades if the instructor has submitted the grade and if the student has submitted all Ready teaching evaluations.  Please note that fall grades are due the 2nd business day after the New Year's holiday and spring grades are due the 2nd business day after the Memorial Day holiday.  Teaching evaluations are due before the beginning of final exams.

  • When can I see my grades if I did not submit all of my teaching evaluations?
    • Fall term grades will be available on your on-line academic history the day before the first day of classes of the Spring term. 

  • When will my grades show up on my official transcript?
    • Your grades will start showing on your official transcript the day after final grade entry has ended for the respective term. For information on how to order an official transcript please click on the transcript link.
  • If a course says "Advisor Pending" what should I do?
    • Prior to drop/add, your faculty advisor may contact the Registrar's Office to give their approval. Alternately, he/she may wait until drop/add and approve or disapprove the course using the electronic drop/add system. After drop/add, your faculty advisor should contact the Registrar's Office.

  • How do I apply for summer transfer credit?
  • Will my summer transfer credit calculate into the Wesleyan GPA?
    • Grades earned at another institution will not be reflected in the Wesleyan academic record; only credits may be transferred.

  • Why isn't my transfer credit appearing in my academic history?
    • In order to process transfer credit, a final transcript of the course work must have been received by the Dean's office. If you have confirmed with the host institution that a transcript was sent, contact the Dean's office to inquire about the status of your transfer credit.

  • When will my non-resident study (NRS) courses/grades from last semester appear in my portfolio?
    • In order to process NRS credit, a grade roster of the course work must have been received by the International Studies office. Likewise, if you were on Approved International Study the previous semester, a final transcript of the course work must be received by the International Studies office before the courses can be recorded on your academic record.  Please contact Gail Winter to inquire about the status of your NRS or Approved International Study credit.

  • How do I get AP credit posted to my academic history?
    • Normally, a student who has completed an Advanced Placement course and has achieved a score of 4 or 5 and completed the required follow-up course will receive one or two credits toward the Wesleyan degree of Bachelor of Arts.  The student must fill out a "Request for Advanced Placement Credit" form (except for English, Biology, Computer Science (as of 9/00) and Physics (as of 9/01) which are entered automatically) and return it to the Registrar's Office.

  • Why do I have an IN or AB on my record?
  • When will I get credit for the first half of a sequenced course (i.e. ITAL101 & ITAL102)?
    • To receive credit for the first half of a sequenced (or ampersand) course, you must successfully complete the second half of the sequence.  Until then, you will see a grade of 0.00 credit assigned for the first half of the sequence.

  • Can I repeat a course for credit?
    • Except for particular courses (see WesMaps), a course for which a student received a passing grade may not be repeated for credit. If a student repeats a course in which a failing grade was received, the failing grade will remain on the transcript and be calculated in the grade-point average even after the course is repeated.

      I received a grade for my 410 (Senior Thesis Tutorial) or 592 (Advanced Research, Graduate) this semester but my grade for 409 or 591 from last semester still shows up as an X.  Is that correct?

      If you have received a grade for your 410 or 592, then the Registrar's Office will convert your X grade from the previous semester.  If the X grade is still appearing, please send an email to

  • A course that I never attended is appearing in my academic history/schedule. Who should I contact?
    • If you are a current student, please contact your class year Dean as soon as possible. If you have already graduated, your academic record has been sealed and no modifications may be made.

  • A course that I am currently enrolled in is not appearing in my academic history or schedule. What should I do?
    • Please contact your class year Dean as soon as possible.

  • Does Wesleyan calculate the GPA in the Major?
    • No. Wesleyan calculates a cumulative GPA for all courses taken and not specific courses in the Major.

      I believe that my GPA is too low for this semester. How is the GPA calculated?

      The GPA is cumulative and not by term.  The 4.0 GPA is a converted GPA.  The formula we use is (WESGPA - 55) / 10. 

  • I dropped a course. Why it is still showing in my portfolio?
    • If the course was dropped after the drop/add period it is a withdrawal.  The course remains on the Academic History and is assigned a grade of "W".

  • Can I change the grading mode of a class?
    • In courses in which students have a choice of grading mode, the final choice must be made no later than fourteen days after the drop/add period ends.
  • Can I change the cross-listing of a class?
    • Changes to cross-listing may only be made during the drop/add period.

  • Does a course need to be taken Graded to count towards the General Education Expectations?
    • No, a course with a general education designation taken for a grading mode credit/unsatisfactory may count toward general education  if the student successfully completes the course.

  • Whom should I contact if I have additional questions about my academic record/schedule?
    • Please send a detailed email to  A staff member from the Registrar's Office will respond as soon as possible.