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What's new with Major Certification? The Registrar's office just launched some new enhancement features which should make the form easier to use for both students and faculty alike. We built in some additional controls such as a mutually-exclusive rule.  Going forward if your major has indicated that they do not allow a single course to satisfy more than one requirement, students who select the same course in multiple categories will receive a warning message and will not be able to do their Final Submit until the duplication has been corrected.  This will help clear up confusion regarding courses appearing in multiple categories.  Some majors do allow a single course to satisfy more than one requirement and students in those majors will not receive the warning message. Another important change is our ability to record outside courses that have been pre-approved to satisfy a major requirement.  Currently students submit a paper form to their chair for approval.  Now once approval has been granted, the Registrar's office will record the student exception and it will automatically appear on the Major Certification Form in the proper location.  The last major enhancement to the form we are launching this fall has to do with the certification process. Seniors in their final semester only will now be able to mark "in-progress" courses that are needed to complete the major.  The faculty certifier will review and confirm those in-progress courses at the time of certification.  Also, seniors submitting the Major Certification Form for final approval will now be required to offer something in satisfaction of each stated requirement.  This additional level of validation will ensure that faculty certifiers receive a form that is in good order that provides all the necessary information at the time of certification. We hope these enhancements make the form easier to use and understand for all users.

Are you a student who needs assistance learning how to use the Major Certification Form? 

If so, contact Susan Krajewski, Associate Registrar, to schedule a brief appointment for one-on-one training on how to properly work with the form.  Susan's office is located in Room 102 in North College and she can be contacted via email at or by phone at x2738.

Click here for Senior Instructions on how to do your Final Submit of the Major Certification Form.


The electronic Major Certification Form was first introduced in the Fall of 2011 and the Class of 2012 was the first class that utilized this form to be certified in their major(s). Beginning in the Fall of 2014, CSS and University majors will now utilize this electronic form so all majors across the University will now be certified electronically. Students must use this form to demonstrate how they have fulfilled their major requirements and can begin accessing the Major Certification Form in their portfolio as soon as they are accepted into a major. Students with multiple majors will see multiple links (one for each major).  Likewise, if your particular major has multiple tracks or concentrations, you will see a separate link for each. 

The form can assist students in planning future course registrations during pre-reg, so it should be accessed regularly.  You should not wait until your senior year to access this form.  It is always available to help you assess where you are with regard to fulfilling your major requirements. Students should consult with the individual department/program for any form-related deadlines internal to the major.  Seniors will be required to submit their final version of the form at the end of Drop/Add in their final semester of their senior year for degree certification.  The Registrar's office will communicate these deadlines to seniors directly.  Departments/programs will use this form to certify if the student has completed the requirements for the major, whereas a committee will certify that the student has completed all university requirements.

Students are able to identify which courses fit a requirement, as well as submit override requests and display planning text. Advisors are able to “approve,” “disapprove,” or click “see me” in response to each individual request. 

Users can access the Major Certification Form link via their EPortfolio:

ADVISORS: EP>Faculty>Advising Tools>Advisees

CHAIRS/DIRECTORS: EP>Faculty>Chair Tools>Department Major Info Chart

STAFF: EP>AA>Management Tools>Department Major Info Chart

STUDENTS: EP>Student>Academic Career>Major Certification

Major Certification FAQ

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact Susan Krajewski at x2738.