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Friday, December 22 thru Monday, January 1


Students interested in pursuing Honors in their major should contact their department/program directly for specific requirements/deadlines. 

University Majors and students whose thesis topic or methodology is outside of the domain appropriate for the award of Honors in their major department(s) or program(s) should refer here for information about Honors in General Scholarship.  In order to be eligible for Honors in General Scholarship students must have a minimum Grade Point Average of 90.00, fulfill General Education Expectations, and submit a senior thesis that meets the standard for honors or high honors set by the Honors Committee.  Application deadline for Honors in General Scholarship for the Class of 2018 was April 28, 2017.  If you missed that deadline and wish to pursue General Scholarship, you must file a late petition and full application by 4pm on Thursday, September 14, 2017.

Click on your department/program below for links to their online Honors information. The 2017-2018 honors thesis deadline is April 17, 2018. All honors candidates will be required to submit their thesis/essay in PDF format for binding.  Many individual departments also require you to submit paper copies of your thesis/essay for your readers, depending on the department.  Please refer to the Department/Program Reader Copy Requirements for more information (information current for 2017-2018).

Questions about the Honors Program can be directed to Susan Krajewski, x2738 -- North College 103.