The Registrar's Office will be closed on Monday, May 28th; Friday, June 29th; and Wednesday, July 4th. In addition, the office will close at noon on all Fridays from July 6th through August 10th. Please adjust your requests accordingly.

Summer Session FAQ for Students

  • How can I reach the Summer Session Office?

    The Wesleyan Summer Session Office can be reached via (860) 685-2500 or

  • Do I have to participate in Summer Session Registration?

    No. You are under no obligation to participate in Wesleyan Summer Session Reg, it is just a new option that is now available for Wesleyan students. 

  • What are the benefits of enrolling in Summer Session courses?

    Many students who want to get ahead (or catch up) find that they really appreciate the intensive learning experience it provides. Over the summer, students can complete a 13-week course in only five weeks.

    Summer Session offers courses across the curriculum, including popular gateway courses and special 2-course Thematic Institutes that are available during the summer only. Since these are regular Wesleyan classes, the credits and grades earned will both be applied to Wesleyan GPAs and transcripts.

  • Since there is no Drop/Add, should I submit "Drop/Add Ranks"?


  • When will I see my course enrollments in Academic History?

    Pre-Reg results will be available after the adjustment phase closes. You will be notified via email when the enrollment processing has been completed.

  • How do I navigate to adjustment in my portfolio?

    You may access the adjustment system by clicking on "Summer Session Registration" within the Summer Session bucket in your EPortfolio. 

  • What is the full credit course limit and when can it be raised?

    The full credit course limit for summer session is 2.00. The limit cannot be raised.

  • When I add a course selection, will the system check to make sure that I haven't been excluded from the course or that I have met the pre-requisites?

    When you enter your course selections the system will check for the following:

    • That your class year and/or major are not excluded.
    • That you have met the prerequisites or have submitted a prerequisite override form.
    • That you have submitted a permission of instructor form, if the course is a POI course.
  • How do I adjust my schedule?

    Once the adjustment period has been opened, you will be able to add courses to your schedule by navigating to the registration system and clicking the "Add to My Courses" button in WesMaps.  If a seat is available in a course that appears under "Courses Not Scheduled", and "Enroll" button will appear below the course.  You can simply click the "Enroll" button to be added to the course. The system will check to make sure that a seat is available, that there is not a time conflict,  that you are not already enrolled in 2.00 courses, and that you have met the necessary prerequisites/have the permission of the instructor and have not been excluded from the course.  To drop a course, simply select the "drop" box next to the course.

  • Will my advisor have to approve any adjustments I make?

     Yes.  Your advisor must approve any individual adds or drops you make during the adjustment period.  You do not need to meet with your advisor during the adjustment period, unless the course you have attempted to add or drop has a "See Advisor" next to it. This means that your advisor has reviewed your adjustments and needs to discuss your schedule with you before approving it. 

  • What do I do if I have Oversubscribed Subjects and/or Categories?

    You should review your EP>Student>Wesleyan Career>Credit Analysis Report for more detailed information. Also, you should contact your Class Dean, as they will be able to provide information and assistance. The Class Deans can be contacted at x2600 or on the 2nd floor of North College Hall.

  • How can the number of Oversubscribed credits be different in the Summary and Subject tables?

    A single course can cause oversubscription in multiple subjects/categories. However, that course's credit will only count against you once. Therefore the Summary table lists the number of credits that are unusable. The Subject table lists the number of instances of oversubscribed credits. If you have additional questions, please contact your Class Dean, as they will be able to provide information and assistance. The Class Deans can be contacted at x2600 or on the 2nd floor of North College Hall.