Student Affairs - Dean's Office

Planning your Return

While you are on leave, it is possible for you to participate in the Course Pre-Registration and (if appropriate) the General Room Selection processes prior to the semester of your return.  For this to happen, however, you must formally notify the university of your intention to return from your leave of absence. 

This process of notifying the university of your intention to return is coordinated by the Registrar’s Office.  In mid-September (if you are scheduled to return in the Spring) or in mid-February (if you are scheduled to return in the Fall), you will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office with the subject line: “Returning from Leave of Absence…”  Responding to this email will activate your eligibility for Pre-Reg and GRS, which you will be able to do from off-campus through your e-Portfolio.  Confirming your intention to return will also reactivate your profile in the Student Account billing system.

If you fail to notify the university of your intent to return until after the Pre-Reg and GRS have taken place, you may still return from your leave but you will not be able to register for any courses until drop/add period of the semester of your return and you will need to contact ResLife directly to make arrangements to have your housing assigned manually.

If, while on leave, you have any questions about confirming your intention to return or any other matter, or if you need to extend (or shorten) your leave, contact your class dean.