Davenport Study Grants

In past years, Davenport Scholarships have been awarded to sophomores and juniors who have “demonstrated intellectual and moral excellence and a concern for public affairs” and “who by their personal qualities and vocational and scholarly intentions give greatest promise of leadership in the public service.” It is expected that most of the grants will be concentrated in the social science departments and the CSS, but applications will be accepted from majors in all areas of the University as long as the proposed projects are related to public affairs.


Recipient Name  Title
Ayida Allegra Cosmopolitan Kings, Merchants, and the Itsekiri Aristocracy
Brook Burn Theodicy to Biodicy: Sylvia Wynter and the Mythos of 'Human' as Biological Fact
Christopher Cepil A Contempory Worcester Moment? Scottish Identity Formation 1603- 1707
Steven Chen The Fruits of Victory: Food Convservation and Legislation During the Progressive Era Through WWI
Matthew Chun Daehan Minguk: The Emergence of South Korean Nationalism and
National Identity during the DMZ Era
Carter Deane Between Pluralism and Leitkultur: Islamic Religious Education in German Schools
Yael Fisher Beit Zera: A Case Study in Inevitability of Mass Economic Privatization Across Israeli Kibbutzim
Shizuha Hatori Loneliness, Intimacy, and Dislocation: Japanese Hostess Clubs in New York City
Julian Johnson Exploration of Shifting Landscapes in Shanghai, China through Environmental and Photographic Lenses
Talia Kaplan "See Where It Takes You": Attitude Formation on USY Summer Experience Trips
Riyu Ling The Second Sino-Japanese War and Rural Education in Cixi County, 1927-1949
Joel Michaels The Supermanager's Dilemma: Income-Leisure Preferences Among Top Earners
Lynx Mitchell Swinging Out in Confined Liberation: A Biographical Exploration of the Limits to Connection at Boston Swing Central
Ilana Newman You Are What You Eat: Community, Industry, Morality, and Health in the Graham Movement
Mihai Olteanu The Continental System and Industrialization in Napoleonic France
Irvine Peck's-Agaya The Sacred Wood: An Exploration of the Usage of Iboga in Gabonese Bwiti Rituals
Candance Powning The Knights of Labor and Russell Manufacturing in 19th Century Middletown, CT
James Reston The Last Generation: KGB Youth in the Final Decades of the Soviet Union
Alec Shea Vacation Days Versus the Far-Right: Anti-Fascism and Economic Policy in Popular Front France
Juntai Shen Modern vs. Rural: The Chinese Rural Modernization since 1978
Monica Sun Performance and Poetics: A Healing Practice Based in Heritage and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sarasa Suzuki Listening to Perceptions of Care Workers in Children's Homes in Japan
John Henry Vansant This Land Was Not Made for You and Me: Sacred Land Jurisprudence and the Crisis of Religious Freedom in the United States
Benjamin Velaise The Unique Politics of Contemporary Sovereignty: An Alaska Native Perspective
Grace Wong Inspecting Freedom of Speech: Do All Groups Have an Equal Right to Protest?