Faculty Insights into Election 2020

Featured Articles

Erika Franklin Fowler | Professor of Government, Co-founder of Wesleyan Media Project
“Unprecedented Spending for 2020 Political Ads” https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/unprecedented-spending-for-2020-political-ads

John E. Finn | Professor of Government Emeritus
“The Case of Biden Versus Trump or How a Judge Could Decide the Presidential Election”


 “Plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor grew from the militia movement’s toxic mix of constitutional falsehoods and half-truth” https://theconversation.com/plot-to-kidnap-michigans-governor-grew-from-the-militia-movements-toxic-mix-of-constitutional-falsehoods-and-half-truths-147825


Featured Videos

Carla Abdo-Katsipis | Visiting Professor in Government and CSPL
“What Happens When Peaceful Transition of Power Does Not Occur?,” 
recorded October 27, 2020

James Cavallaro | Visiting Professor in CSPL, Executive Director, University Network for Human Rights
“Popular Will and Electoral Integrity Under Threat 2020,” 
recorded October 26, 2020

Logan Dancey | Associate Professor in Government
“What to Watch for on Election Night,” 
recorded October 29, 2020

James McGuire | Professor of Government, Latin American, Studies Program, and CSPL
“Underrepresentation of African Americans in the U.S. Voting-Eligible Population,” 
recorded October 26, 2020

Alyx Mark | Assistant Professor of Government
“Federal courts, partisanship, and the 2020 election,” 
recorded October 30, 2020 with references made to the following article found at https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/full/10.1086/691096

Kevin Vrevich | Visiting Assistant Professor in History
“Reconstruction and the 2020 Election," 
recorded October 26, 2020

Election Under Threat: Perspectives and Prospects
This E2020 event, recorded October 29, 2020, features a panel of Wesleyan faculty discussing what we might expect to see come election day. With Wesleyan Faculty: Robert CassidyJames CavallaroLeslie Gabel-BrettCarla Abdo-KatsipisSteven MooreJustin PeckKevin Vrevich on the presidency, Congress, global context, social movements, race and politics, public opinion, human rights.