Visiting Faculty at the Allbritton Center

The Allbritton Center sponsors experts from both inside and outside academia, to teach courses related to the study of public life that are not regularly taught by tenure-track Wesleyan faculty.  These include both the annually scheduled Koeppel and Harber Fellows and other courses taught on a less regular basis. 

In recent years these have included:

  • Leila Buck, Beyond "the Veil": Representations and Realities of Muslim Women in the U.S.
  • Middletown Mayor Dan Drew, Group Psychology in Politics
  • Ric Grefe, Design for Social Change

Courses currently scheduled for 2023-24 include:

CSPL 239  Startup Incubator: The Art and Science of Launching Your Idea, Rosemary Ostfeld '10

CSPL 250  An Introduction to Data Journalism, Stephen Busemeyer

CSPL 263  Reporting on Global Issues: International Journalism in Action, Rajaa Elidrissi

CSPL 316  Human Rights Advocacy: Critical Assessment and Practical Engagement in Global Social Justice, Jim Cavallaro

CSPL 318 Global Populism and the US Election, Esam Boraey

CSPL 329  Wars of Resistance in Scholarship and Film

CSPL 367  Perspectives in Arts as Culture: Ukrainian Arts and Language as Resistance, Katja Kolcio and Liana Pshevorska

All CSPL courses listed here.

For more information about Allbritton visitors, contact Marie McKenna,