Recipients of the Davenport Study Grants Program


Recipient Name Title
Caroline Asnes The Question of Distance: Traumatic Memory and the Emotional Significance of the Ethnostate for the American Zionist Jew
Willem Averill The History of Salvadoran Migrants in the DC Metropolitan Areain the Years After the Civil War and the Effects of Party Politics on Salvadoran Migrants
Maryam Badr The Hollowing Out of South Korea's Healthcare System: Trouble for the Elderly
Violet Becker US Democratization Efforts in the Arab World: Democracy versus Security in Egypt and Jordan
Pema Cunnyngham-Mansfield Putting Environmental Theory into Practice: Using Dance Methodologies to Address the Climate Crisis
Alek Czereszkiewicz A Game-Theory Assessment of the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum
Gage Dado The Right's Lens: Redefining Franco's Legacy in the 21st Century
Michael Fadugbagbe Fela and Yoruba, Nigeria's Critical Neocolonial Influence through Afrobeat(s)
Sophie Fetter Priming Social Trust and Subsequent Welfare Attitudes
Isaiah Fraley How Do We Grieve the Heroes We Never Knew?: Public Grief as an Act of Reckoning
William Gannon 1640: Exploring the Origins of Catalan Nationalism in the 17th and 18th Centuries
Kseniia Guliaeva Russian Opposition: The Challenges and Risks of the Formation of a Government in Exile
Xingyan Guo Folding Chinas Elsewhere: The Semiotic, Politics, and Economy between Differentiated Chinese Diasporic Food-place Makings in Mexico City
Shihyun Lee Consequences of the Economic Miracle: Examining the Dynamics and Perseonal Narratives of Elderly Poverty in South Korea
Allie Pae "The Land of Smiles:" The Development of American Tourism in Thailand
Priyanshu Pokhrel Enhancing Menstrual Health Education and Access in Nepal: Pyari
Ben Sheriff A North American Great Game: The Pig War and the Dynamics of Antebellum Frontier Diplomacy
Eli Siegel-Bernstein Formations of Postcoloniality and Resistance on the Borderlands of Northern Morocco and Beyond
Sahib Sohal A Nation in Pain: An Exploration of Sikh Collective Memory Regarding the Events of 1984
Phoebe Stein Movement and Communitas in that High Lonesome Sound: Contemporary Bluegrass Identity as Formed by Rural-Urban Migration in the Post-War Southeast
Tracy Wu Modernity at Confucius' Birthplace: The Future-Making of Youth in Shandong, China
Czarina Yuffa Lost in Transmission: American Propaganda in Soviet Central Asia



Recipient Name Title
Hazel Allison-Way Epistemologies of Truth-Seeking and the Construction of State-Sanctioned LGBTQ+ Identities in the Dutch LGBTQ+ Asylum Apparatus
Tiger Bjornland Justice No Longer Sold Here: A Case Study of Public Financing in West Virginia's Judicial Elections
Dean Bogner Occupation, and the Sharing of Space in Naples, Italy
Dylan Campos Food Insecurity in Buenos Aires from the 1970s to the Present
Ruby Clarke Point Reyes Station: A Case Study of Race and 'Becoming a Local'
Margot Deguet Delury Theorizing Reproductive Justice: Lessons from the Tourangelle Association for Liberty of Abortion and Contraception
Ethan Geiger Conservative Political Parties and the Queer Community: A Comparative Analysis of Attitudes and Evolution in the US and UK
Debbra Goh Care in Singapore through Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Jo Harkless (Under)development in the Modern Neoliberal State: Economic Justice Through Black Feminist Practice
Anton Lulgjuraj The Kosovo Question: The Path to EU Membership
Linda Lu Three Feet Above, Six Feet Under: Funerals and Graves on the Verge of Modernity
Alise Mackey "Disorderly Conduct": A Study of Pulic Disturbance, Gendered Moralism, and Dual Arrest
Asija Qyteza Control of the Albanian Diaspora in the United States by the Albanian Communist Regime (1944-1990)
Gemmarosa Ryan Feuding Fusions: On a Resurgence of Gastronationalism in the 21st Century
Reed Schwartz Ending Honest Graft: Henry George, Tammany Hall, and the 1897 New Yor Mayoral Election
Eugenia Shakhnovska Looking Back at Chornobyl: The Political Implications of the Chornobyl Disaster
Lera Svirydzenka Life in Emigration: Challenges, Changes and Hopes of Belarusian Political Refugees
Emilia Thornton Mathematics and Climate Modeling: The History of How We Calculate and Present Measurements of Climate Risk
Diana Venus Soviet Architecture in Bishkek: Kyrgz Nation-Building through Post-Socialist Urban Planning/Resistance
Lucia Voges Wesleyan University: Perception vs. Reality of Higher Education in the United States
Arlo Weiner The Texas City Oil Curse
Eva Weintraub In the Name of Economic Growth: What Ongoing "Redevelopment" Means for Black Middletown


Recipient Name Project Title
Sofia Aslan The Identity of a Nation: Examining the Effects of Colonialization in Nineteenth Century Argentine Nation Building
Amina Cecunjanin Mini Russia: Serbia's Backslide from Democracy and the Implications on the Balkans
Emily Chen Historical Resistance: Race, Empire, and Asian American Studies Student Activism at Wesleyan University, 1980-2022
Flora Gu Application of the Labor Market Segmentation Model in China's Graduate Crisis
Leila Henry The Medicalization of Aging and the Geriatric Caregiver - Patient Relationship
Yiwen Huang Inert Explosiveness: Fireworks, Youth, and Rural-Urban Relationships in China's Pyrotechnic World
Charissa Lee The Kanapathippillai Family: The Creation and Evolution of the Jaffna Tamil Diasporic Identity in Malaysia
Madeleine Levinsohn Liberating Sex: Exploring Sexual Moralism and Subjection
Liam Murray The Contemporary Political Application of 'Self-Care' in Foucault
Jake Neuffer The Possibility of a New Arsenal of Democracy
Jadwiga Parker Reimagining Community and Urban Spaces: The Case of San Francisco's Western Addition Redevelopment
Briana Rodriguez-Castillo Invisible Women: Understanding the Lives and Impact of Undocumented Immigrant Women Providing Child Care Services in the United States
Celine Rogers Caste, Race, and South Asian Critical Thinking
Ruby Smith Remorse and Justice
Lera Svirydzenka How to Use the Media for Political Goals: Comparison of Democratic and Governmental Methods on the Case of Belarus
Xiran Tan Where the Heart Settles: Reflection on How Homes are Made through Writing Family History of Migration between China and North America
Shaoxuan Tian Worlds Beyond Clock Time: Restoring Care, Agency and Communal Identity Among New Immigrants in Contemporary Dali, Yunnan, China
Alex Trufinescu Romanian Identity Formation and Community Building in the Post-World War II United States
Xuanyi Wang
Cultural Colonization and Textual Mapping- The Literati in Exile During the Mid-Qing
Robyn Wong
History of Home: Connecting Family and National Histories in Singapore



Recipient Name Title
Sarah Backer Exploring the Public Backlash Against Pax Americana: How Globalism Divided
Harry Bagenstos The Remington Rand Strike
Alexandra Banach Negotiating National Identity through Clothing in the United States and Japan
Romina Beltran Lazos Revolutionary Repertoires: An Exploration of the Sonic Landscapes of Young Women in Guadalajara through Photography
Maren Beriss Reimagined Communities: Queer Women in the Nation
Shirmai Chung The COVID 19 Pandemic's Impact on Democracy Around the World
Joseph Cohen "Opacity of the Other": California in Ontological Crisis
Maya Gomberg Mutual Aid's Pandemic Growing Pains: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Shifted Propensity Toward Revolutionary Ideological Metamorphosis
Tashfia Jilu Unseen and Unheard: Exploring Healthcare in the US from the Lens of Bangladeshi Immigrants
Magdalena Kisielska Moral Foundations of Nationalism and Attitudes Towards Globalism
Christina Lu "Neutered Women" in China's Ten Years of Chaos: How Rural China Grappled with Revolutionary Gender Policies During the Cultural Revolution
Emily McEvoy Big Fish in a Small Pond: Neoliberal Institutions, Grassroots Organizations, and University Interventions in Connecticut
Jack McEvoy Specialists in Failure: The Capitulation of American Conservatism
Emmett Nunes National Authenticity: The relations of people and place on Monhegon Island
Katelin Penner Vacant Lots, Vast Futures: Reimagining Development, Land Ownership, and Housing in North Brooklyn
Shiva Ramkumar Echoes of Caste in the Musical Life of Indians in Singapore
Natalie Selfe Measuring the Impact of the Availability of Psychiatric Counseling Services on Undergraduate Well-Being



Recipient Name Title
Benjamin Cahill Project: Mapping the Middle Ground: Natural and Constructed Environments in NewFrance 1541-1763
Elisa Chi The China Model: State Regulation in the Free Market
Mary Johnson Constructing Homes, Constructing Value: Tracing Processes of Valuation Through Language at Habitat for Humanity
Madeleine Matz Grieving Home: Gentrification, My Mother’s Political Legacy and the Radical Resilience of UnhousedPeople in Contemporary San Francisco
Rosa Munson-Blatt Indelible in the hippocampus was the laughter: The Cultural and Psychological Context and Consequences of the Kavanaugh Hearings
Hayate Murayama Toyko Domoi: Memory of Japanese Prisoners of War in the Soviet Union
Tara Nair The Creation of the "Banana" Republic: The Impact of English on the Private Sphere in Singapore
Sadie Robb Scapegoats: Environmental Decision-Making in the Time of the Anthropocene, A Senior Thesis in Anthropology
Jonah Skolnik In the Shadows of Jackson-Vanik: Comparative Frameworks for U.S. Foreign Economic Policy Decision Making
Claudia Stelgoff-Belfort The Bio-economy of Pitocin: Non-consensual Drug Administration During Labor and Delivery
Catherine Xi The Role of Key Stakeholder Groups in Energy Governance and the Renewable Energy Transition
Xinyue (Cynthia) Zhang Yearning for Cultural (Re)Awakening: The Politics of Cultural Conservatism in May-Fourth Era China and Beyond


Recipient Name  Title
Julia Adler The Gatekeepers of Middletown
Yasmeen Alshabasy De-Colonizing and De-Medicalizing Depression
Stephanie Aquino The Power of Values: Exploring the Cooperative Economy of Emilia Romagna
Ahmed Badr Reclaiming Displacement: Creative Agency and the Narratio Fellowship
Julia Boland Gender and Political Advertising: Do Men and Women Campaign Differently?
Jonathan Canfield Japan's Military-Industrial Paradox
Finn Collom The Employment Investment Fund as a Model for Social Capital Ownership
Nathan Krieger Explorientalism: Connections Between British Travel Writing and Imperial Policy in Asia
Alea Laidlaw Images of the Unknown: Exploring the Production of Scientific Knowledge During the Anthropocene in Kauai
Sophia Law Commercial Inflight Catering: Reframing Technologies of Aviation
Maxnio Lipman Doing DNA: Re-Assessing Kinship in Argentina in the Age of Genetic Test
Michael Montoya (Dis)Identifications and Nationality: Imagining the Early Colombian Nation
Ishika Mukhergee The Roles of Naxal Women in a Gentlemen's Revolution
Fumiko Nago A Historian's Struggle for Peace: Ienaga Suburo's Vision on Education and the Successes of Ienaga v. Ministry of Education
Sajirat Palakarn Thai Sovereignty and the 1941 Japanese Invasion of Thailand
Alexandra Pendergast Statelessness and Immigration Law: The United States' Obligation to Forgotten Amerasian Children
Leah Pensler Climate Change: The Real National Emergency
Jan-Carlos Pinales The Birth of Hip-Hop Culture in the Bronx as a Response to Segregationist Highway Development
Anushka Singh Public Policy and Corporate Investment: Framing and Shaping the Colonial Narrative in Heritage Tourism in Old Havana
Weiliang Song Nation-building in Transition: How Educational Reform Prepares for Economic Growth in Vietnam from the Early 2000's to Present
Madeline Wesley The "Catch-All" Union: District 65 as an Alternative Model of Labor Organizing
Caleb Zakarin Mugged by Reality: Neoconservatism in the Age of the Alt-Right
Harry Zhang 1989 Tiananmen Student Movement, the Myth of Democracy, and Chinese Intellectuals


Recipient Name  Title
Emma Austin Little Miss Shangri-La:Tibetan Beauty Pagents and the Fight
Zachary Bennett The German Invasion and Occupation of Belgium During WWI: An Analysis of Historical Opinion from 1914 to Present
Mahalia Binstock Locating African Women in the Rhode Island Slave Trade
Emma Rose Bozekowski "Your ResLife Hat is Always On"; Undergraduate Student Residential Life Unionization
Jusin Campos Violence, Security and the Politics of Memory: Fujimorismo and Its Lasting Impression on Peruvian Political and Social Movements
Selene Canter Translating Neyrat: The Possibilities and Complicities of Language Morphology and Organization in Environmental Projects and Policy
Aaron Cheung Reining in the President: Revisiting the 1973 War Powers Resolution
Ali Dawes A Threat to White Male Australia: American Servicement During World War II
Eliana Donner-Klien 'Doctor, I'm in Pain': A History of Pain Management and US Pain Legislation from 1970-2010
Anna Fox Becoming "Princesses": Sexuality, Assimilation, and the Jewish American Woman
Daphne Gampel Know Wonder: A Cross-Theological Exploration of Perspectives and Religious Music
Maxine Gibb The Last Generation: Female Youth Activism in the Final Stage of Apartheid South Africa
Mohamed-Dhia Hammami Seeing the UGTT as a Quasi-Political Party
Azher Jaweed Pictures of Paradise: The Role of Photographs in the Creation of Mega-dams in India
Sophie Martin Transition and the Tank: How the Bulk Tank Changed Dairying in Vermont
Asa Mazor-Freedman My Friends Are Many: Rural Political Machines in Democratic Taiwan
Fiona McLeod Narratives of American Conservation: Indigenous Land Expropriation and the Dismantling of Bears Ears National Monument
Teresa Naval Home is Where the Box Is: The Balkbayan Box and its Sociotechnical Networks
Lok Kwan Rosanne Ng State Strength and Housing Affordability in Hong Kong and Singapore
Noa Street-Sachs Female Education, Labor, and Empowerment in Jordan and Morocco
Emily Steckhan The Role and Implications of Female Physicians Involved in Medicalized Murder through Akiton T-4 and Kindereuthanasie Under the National-Socialist Regime
Lindsay Zelson Shock Value: A Scientific, Psychological, and Journalistic Historical Account of Stanley Milgram's 1963 Obedience Research


Recipient Name  Title
Allegra Ayida Cosmopolitan Kings, Merchants, and the Itsekiri Aristocracy
Brook Burn Theodicy to Biodicy: Sylvia Wynter and the Mythos of 'Human' as Biological Fact
Christopher Cepil A Contemporary Worcester Moment? Scottish Identity Formation 1603- 1707
Steven Chen The Fruits of Victory: Food Conservation and Legislation During the Progressive Era Through WWI
Matthew Chun Daehan Minguk: The Emergence of South Korean Nationalism and
National Identity during the DMZ Era
Carter Deane Between Pluralism and Leitkultur: Islamic Religious Education in German Schools
Yael Fisher Beit Zera: A Case Study in Inevitability of Mass Economic Privatization Across Israeli Kibbutzim
Shizuha Hatori Loneliness, Intimacy, and Dislocation: Japanese Hostess Clubs in New York City
Julian Johnson Exploration of Shifting Landscapes in Shanghai, China through Environmental and Photographic Lenses
Talia Kaplan "See Where It Takes You": Attitude Formation on USY Summer Experience Trips
Riyu Ling The Second Sino-Japanese War and Rural Education in Cixi County, 1927-1949
Joel Michaels The Supermanager's Dilemma: Income-Leisure Preferences Among Top Earners
Lynx Mitchell Swinging Out in Confined Liberation: A Biographical Exploration of the Limits to Connection at Boston Swing Central
Ilana Newman You Are What You Eat: Community, Industry, Morality, and Health in the Graham Movement
Mihai Olteanu The Continental System and Industrialization in Napoleonic France
Irvine Peck's-Agaya The Sacred Wood: An Exploration of the Usage of Iboga in Gabonese Bwiti Rituals
Candance Powning The Knights of Labor and Russell Manufacturing in 19th Century Middletown, CT
James Reston The Last Generation: KGB Youth in the Final Decades of the Soviet Union
Alec Shea Vacation Days Versus the Far-Right: Anti-Fascism and Economic Policy in Popular Front France
Juntai Shen Modern vs. Rural: The Chinese Rural Modernization since 1978
Monica Sun Performance and Poetics: A Healing Practice Based in Heritage and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sarasa Suzuki Listening to Perceptions of Care Workers in Children's Homes in Japan
John Henry Vansant This Land Was Not Made for You and Me: Sacred Land Jurisprudence and the Crisis of Religious Freedom in the United States
Benjamin Velaise The Unique Politics of Contemporary Sovereignty: An Alaska Native Perspective
Grace Wong Inspecting Freedom of Speech: Do All Groups Have an Equal Right to Protest?


Anna Bisikalo       Investigating Women's Grassroots Activism in the Post-Soviet Sphere
Emma Broder Who’s Lying about Lyme?: Cultural, Scientific, and Biomedical Meanings of Lyme Disease
Abigail Cunniff Environmental Concerns in LA County Jail Expansion
Alyssa Domino Indonesian Drug Policy in Theory and in Practice
Rachel Earnhardt Rivers of Environmental Migrants: Consequences of Flood Displacement in the American South
Isabel Fine Exclusion, Inclusion, and the Politics and Power: An Analysis of Sorority Rush
Ian Foster Comparing Local Conceptions of Acadian Identity---Memory and History after Displacement
Rebecca Hutman Why Build the City Without Slums?: The Effects of International Governance and Urban Competitiveness on the Implementation of Morocco's Slum Eradication Program
Jacob Karlin The Current Argentine Jewish Experience After the Military Dictatorship of 1976-1983
Mira Klein Municipal Policy and Environmental Gentrification: Urban Green Space as a Political Tool
Drew Krinitsky A History of Freedom of Speech at Wesleyan University: Speech Codes, Chalking, and the Organization of Public Space
Haenah Kwon Exploring the Universality of Labor Rights
Courtney Laermer       The Influence of News Frames on Public Opinion of the Affordable Care Act
Caitlin O'Keeffe Confronting War Crimes
Sadie Renjilian The Role of Art in Social and Political Change: A Study of Feminist Art of the 20th Century in the United States
Elizabeth Shackney         Un centre-ville pour tous: Understanding Multiculturalism and Integration in Marseille
Jenna Shapiro The Facts of Life: U.S. Sex Education & The Cold War
Casey Smith Collective Memory of Palestinian Migration and the Future of Syrians in Jordan
Eva Steinberg A Transgenerational Approach to Southern Farmers and Their Seeds
Nathaniel Warner From the Parachurch's Ramparts: Faith-Based Initiatives and the Church-State Relationship
Shoko Yamada Self-Representation of Religion and "Religion" in Japanese Tourism Industry
Julia Yu Hong Kong Culture in Face of Increasing Political Influence from Mainland China




Valere Demuynck             Public Health in French Colonial Algeria.
Deren Ertas  The Anatomy of a Social Movement:  Occupy Gezi and Citizenship in Turkey. 
Olivia Glick Political Change Without Economic Change in South Africa:  An Analysis of the Black  Economic Empowerment Program.
Mike Greenwald Cracks in the Pavements:  The Street Population of Nepal.
Jiyoung Han Regionalism and Conflict Political Polarization in South Korea.
Samuel Ingbar Exploring Ritual Expressions of Dynastic Power:  Donative Inscription in the Early Buddhist Monasteries of the Western Deccan.
Bulelani Jili Citizening the Constitution:  Deepening and Preserving our Commitment to Democracy Through Shared Public Dialogue.
Lynn Ma Working Title:  The Role of Political Comedy.
Kerry Nix

Climate Club Creation in the World Trade Organization.

Maria Paterson

The Mau Mau Rebellion:  Understanding an Ethnonationalist Movement within a Nation.

Cole Phillips

The Role of Arab and Islamic Tribes in Terrorism and Counterterrorism.

Eki Ramadham Political Determination of Resources Nationalism:  A Comparative Study of Mineral Governance in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Nina Stender

Hong Kong's Dysfunctional Constituency:  Local Economic Elite's Political Roles in Hong Kong as British Colony and Chinese Region.

Eva Weintraub Social Barriers to Universal Human Papillomavirus Vaccination of Adolescents in the U.S.

David Whitney

Theorizing the Standardization of Time in the United States. 
Rebecca Winkler Ecofeminist Intersectional Analyses of Human Elephant Interactions.
Li Zhong The Dragon Traverses Eurasia:  Gauging China's New Silk Road in Central Asia.




Aletta Brady Negotiating International Watercourse Agreement:  Why are the Nile River Basin States Unable to Collectively Agree on a Framework for Water Allocations?
Amy Cao Culture and the Culture of Medicine in 19th Century Middletown, CT.
Talia DeRogatis Whose Right to the City: The Contested Rhetoric of Urban Change in Brazil.
John DiCandeloro To Print a Mirror:  Print Networks and National Consciousness.
Alexander Donesky A New Paradigm in Sustainable Development?  An Inquiry into the Methods and Theories of Eric Mathis, Philosopher and Applied Sustainability Entrepreneur.
Gabriel Frankel A History of British National Security and Counterterrorism in Palestine: Geographies of Violence and Security in the Twentieth Century.
Samuel Furnival The Aam Aadmi Party: Deepening the Largest Democracy.
Emily Hoge Invalidi and the Body Politic Russian Concepts of Disability Across the Collapse of the Soviet Union.
Orelia Jonathan

Child Soldiers or Child Participation:  A Historical Look at the Rite of Passage Ceremonies in South Sudan.

Qunita Jurecic

Records of Anguish:  The Obama Administration's Targeted Killing Program and the Myth of the Tragic Politician.

Gillian Mahoney

The Palace and the Castle: A Study of Memory in Reunified Berlin.

Hibiki Mizuno Alternative American Culture:  Asian/Asian American Immigrant.  Identity and Representation After the Immigration Act of 1965.
Zheyan Ni

Liang Qichao and Dilemmas of Freedom, Citizenship and the Political Imagination in Modern China.

Avital Robbins The Emergence of a Domestic Market for Specialty Coffee in Columbia.

Shourya Sen

The Inland Fisheries of Bengal:  Institutions and Development.
Max Shafer-Landau The World is not Enough:  How Powerful was the 16th Century's Most Powerful Person?
Samira Siddique Between Coal and a Green Space:  Ecotourism in Combating Bangladesh's Environmental Degradation.
Henry Sikes

The Black Eagle and the Lone Star:  A Cultural History of German Settlers and their Impact on Texan Identity.

Tanaya Srinivasakrishman Diverging Legacies:  Assessing Access to Urban Life for South Africans in Light of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Molly Steinfeld Obesity Prevention:  Forging Reform in the National School Lunch Program.

Elijah Stevens

Local Actors, Global Citizens: Food Politics and Indigenous & Campesino Activism in Colombia.

Ariane Turley

The Heart of Asia:  Heritage Tourism and National Identity Formation in Taiwan.

JinGe Yu

Bank-level Study into the Effects of Monetary Sterilization on Local Loan Rates.




Maxwell Bigman Integrating Technology into the Classroom:  A Report on the Cognitive Tool For Education Reform.
Sarah Dash Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?  The Implementation of Fascist "Italianita" Through Cuisine.
Benjamin Docter The Democrats Of Education Reform.
Renee Dunn Who are the Job Creators?  The Implication of Educational Entrepreneurship Programs for Job Market and Societal Change in Kampala, Uganda.
Calvo Elhauge Spain in the League of Nations:  An Evaluation of Europe's First 'Intermediate Power'.
Allison Greenwald Bambolse as Commodity:  Understanding the Relative Social and Economic Motivations for Production of Wall Paintings in Sirigu, Ghana.
Ana Halsey The Politics of Social Protection:  The Political Origins of Universal Health Insurance in Indonesia.
Benjamin Jacobs When Lambs Drink Wolf's Milk:  Exploring Chinese National Identity Formation and Historical Narratives under Patriotic Education.
Mari Jarris Rescuing the Concept of Freedom:  The Frankfurt School's Critique of Idealist Philosophy from Kant to Sartre.
Hannah Korevaar West Side Story:  Race, Space, Religion and the Law in Salt Lake City.
Manon Lefevre The Invasive Landscape:  History, Ideologies, and Ecological Consequences of the New England Lawnscape.
Laura Munsil National Memory and Cinema:  The Spanish Civil War on Film.
Sophia Park The Emerging Luxury Market in China:  What Chanel and Gucci Means to China Today and Tomorrow. 
Grace Powell US Drone Strikes and IR Theory.
Tianyu Xie Rain The Single Hope:  Youth Civic Engagements in the Age of Individualization in China.
Chloe Rinehart Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Multiethnic, "Plurinational" States:  The Case of Ecuador's Bono de Desarrollo Humano.
Madelene Smith-Huemer Gendered Revolutions:  The Role of Women within German Reunification.
Julian Theseira Lu Zhengxiang:  A Christian and Confucianist Chinese Diplomat and Modernizer.
Kelly Toy The First Ladyship - Unelected, Unpaid, Unforgettable:  A History of Women in America from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama.
Maxwell Votey Cossack Identity and Paramilitarism in Early Post- Soviet Russia.
Sabina Wahl Community Activism as Platform for Transformation:  A Historical Study of Muslim Women in a Durban Township.
Shannon Welch Jesus in the Wilderness:  Jesuit and Protestant Competition for Abenaki Souls in the Anglo-French Northeast.
Aileen Yeung Estonia:  An Experiment in Economic Freedom.



Alam Zain Dreams and Disappointment:  India's Muslims, the Muhajir, and the Making of Pakistan
Dahila Azran Memorials of the Holocaust:  A Comparative Study of the Planning Process of Holocaust Memorials in the United States, Israel, German and China.
Katya Botwinick The Universal Concrete Canvas:  A Sociological Look into the Street Art Movement in Buenos Aires and New York City.
Emma Caccamo Foreignness in American:  Internal Conditions, International Relations, and the Treatment of German, Italian, and Japanese Immigrants, 1935 - 1945.
Sarah Cassel The Proxy's Perceptions:  Former Soldiers' Understandings of U.S. Involvement in the Civil Wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador.
Sarah Chrystler Issues of Identity in Female Piracy:  How Space and Material Culture Contribute to Transgression.
Aria Danaparamita British Borobudur Buddha:  Colonizing Culture from 19th Century Java to the Modern Museum.
Marjorie Dodson Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity in Yunnan, Southern China.
Catherine Doren Closing the Achievement Gap:  Identifying its Origins and the Sources of its Perpetuation.
Jacob Eichengreen Facilitating Sustainable Development:  Assessing the Impact of Microfinance Programs on Social Capital in Uganda.
Alexandra Ellerbeck Morales Mired:  Indigenous Opposition to Bolivia's First Indigenous President.
Alexandra  Galef Reconstructing the History of Mimouna:  An analysis of Jewish and Muslim shared identity and co-existence.
Maxwell Hellmann Roads Less Traveled:  Bringing Healthcare to the Rural Homeless.
Charlotte Heyrman Post-Industrial Imaginations: Visions on Revitalization and Possibility in Detroit.
Stephanie Huezo Breaking the Silence: Chile and El Salvador Commemorate Their Disappeared
Kim Ingerbritsen Schooling Everyone's Children:  Examining the IAF's Community Organizing Efforts in Education.
Leah Koenig The Reproductive Health NGO in India:  Addressing the GAP Between International Aid Institutions an their Target Populations.
Ka-Ya Lee Paulo Freire and Soren Kierkegaard on Education Lens to Explore The Theory-Praxis Dynamics.
Kathryn McConnell Conservation as Colonization?:  Exploring the Contested Histories of Glacier National Park.
Joseph O'Donnell The God Solution:  Spirituality as a Coping Mechanism and Healing Tool for Mental Illness and Addiction.
Agueda Ortega (Un) comfortable Intersections:  A Comparative Study of Queer Latin American Identities an the New Left in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.
Gain Swee Tay Teow Kiat:  Chinese Music, Chineseness, and Singapore Society.
McNeil Taylor Examining the Theosophical Society:  A Methodology of the Supernatural in the Secular Age.
Nandita Vijayaraghavan Eg'ao:  The Power of Parody in Protesting China's Internet Censorship.
Elizabeth Waugh Strangers in the Homeland: The Ethiopian-Israeli Search for Authenticity.
Elizabeth Williams Who is The Other America?:  A Study of the Political Identity and Efficacy of Americans in Appalachia.
Bingxin Wu Spillover Effects of FDI in China:  When BMW comes to Town.
Catherine Zhou Grade School in Two Cultures:  A Cross-Cultural Examination of Elementary Schools in the United States and China.