Archaeology Program

Archaeology is the discipline most directly concerned with the understanding and explanation of past societies through the study of their material remains. The reconstruction of those societies through the interpretation of material culture permits archaeology to span both the prehistoric and the historic periods. While certain Archaeology courses originate within the program, others are cross-listed in the departments of Anthropology, Art and Art History, Classical Civilization, American Studies, and History, as well as in the Medieval Studies Program.

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Of Note

  • Nineteenth century imported bowls, Zanzibar
  • Students researching artifacts in ARCP 265
  • Test excavation unit at Beman Triangle
  • Cataloguing artifacts, Cross St. Arch lab
  • Field Methods students in action at Beman Triangle
  • Mapping finds at Beman Triangle
  • Archaeological Analysis lab course
  • Artifacts salvaged from Beman Triangle
  • Field Methods students battle the dreaded tree root
  • Sixteenth-century cannon at Kalyana fort, India
  • The Cross Street Archaeology Laboratory