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Jan. 27, 2016:
Biology faculty:  Sonia E. Sultan

As of Jan. 27, a review article coauthored in 2011 by Ph.D. student Jacob Herman and Prof. Sonia Sultan entitled Adaptive transgenerational plasticity in plants: Case studies, mechanisms, and implications for natural populations has been viewed and downloaded more than 4000 times, making it one of the most read articles in the high-impact journal Frontiers in Plant Science.  

Jan. 26, 2016:
Biology faculty:  Ruth I. Johnson

The lab of Ruth Johnson, Assistant Professor of Biology, Assistant Professor of Integrative Sciences, recently published a paper entitled titled “The adaptor protein Cindr regulates JNK activity to maintain epithelial sheet integrity” published in the journal Developmental Biology on Jan. 7. The paper was co-authored by Hannah Yasin ’15, Samuel van Rensburg MA ’15, and Christina Feiler, an exchange masters student who worked in Johnson’s lab during 2012-13. The publication represents Yasin’s honors thesis, and van Rensburg’s and Feiler’s masters theses. Hannah, Sam and Tina examined how a conserved adaptor/scaffold protein functions to repress signals that compromise the integrity of epithelial tissues.  These signals trigger cell behaviors that are like the behaviors of metastatic cells.  

Jan. 5, 2016
Biology Ph.D. student:  Melissa Bernardo

Science Daily published an article about Melissa's work in the Singer Lab:

Feb. 16, 2012:
Biology Faculty: Michael Singer

There is a quote from Michael Singer in The New York Times Science section article on February 16, 2012 entitled "To Evict Parasite, Canny Fruit Flies Pick Their Poison."