Senior Colloquium

The ENVS linked-major program provides a capstone experience that includes a senior project and a full year of senior colloquia. The purpose of the ENVS capstone experience is to challenge students to think creatively, deeply, and originally about an environmental issue and to produce a significant work that uses their expertise from their primary major. The students will then have the opportunity to present and discuss their research in the senior colloquium (ENVS391/ENVS392) with seniors and the faculty.

The ENVS Senior Colloquium provides students opportunity to discuss, workshop, and improve their senior capstone projects. Each student will present either a live or videorecorded report on their capstone work once each semester. Before the presentation, the student will make available reading materials and questions they have about how to work through their most challenging issues. Students must be formally enrolled in the colloquium each semester of their senior year. Attendance at all senior colloquium classes is mandatory for all senior ENVS majors.