College of Letters Library

The College of Letters Library, located on the third floor of 41 Wyllys Avenue, is a small collection organized by Library of Congress Classification. Built in 2012, the library is dedicated in honor of College of Letters faculty. All students are invited to work in the library, although only COL majors are permitted to take out books.

Hours: COL majors have access to the library until 2 a.m. Otherwise, the library follows the COL office's schedule.

Policy: In order to take out a book, a student should follow these* instructions:

1. Remove the card from the book you wish to check out.

2. On the card, write your name, email address, and phone number, as well as the date.

3. Place the card in the box designated for completed cards.

4. Please return the book to the library no later than one month from the date it was originally checked out. If you would like to renew the book, please see Christine Tappe, the Administrative Assistant.

*Alternatively, a student can take a picture of the title page of the book he or she would like to check out and email the picture to Christine at student should include his or her cellphone number in the email.

Note: Only COL students are permitted to check out books from the library, although all students are welcome to browse the collection.

Locating titles: Students can search for books by title or by author in the card catalogue boxes in the library. The department is in the process of switching over to an electronic search system.

Access the Library Catalog online.