Video Process

Wesleyan’s Video Production team provides production and post-production support for university-produced video programming intended for the Wesleyan website, Video Gallery, YouTube and social media channels. The Communications Video Team produces more than 100 videos per year to enhance recognition of Wesleyan as an extraordinary institution and to energize Wesleyan’s distinctive educational experience.

NOTE: The Communications Video Production Team creates videos for short-form, public release only.  To request audio or video recording for administrative and academic pusposes, such as a lecture, performance, or special event recording, contact Steve Alvarez ( or make your request when reserving a room in EMS system through WesPortal. For more information, visit the ITS website:

The requester is responsible for obtaining signed video release forms from all on-camera participants prior to filming. Download and have participants complete Wesleyan's Video Release Form or ask participants to complete an online Video/Photo Release form via WesPortal under "My Information."

Video Hosting & Distribution: Brightcove

Video programs produced by the university are stored and deployed through the university videocloud management system called Brightcove. This platform allows university staff to upload a video file once and allow Brightcove to create multiple renditions of the program to deliver high quality video regardless of the viewer's data connection speed or device. 

Videos we produce will also appear automatically on the Wesleyan Video Gallery website, making it easy for you and your audience to find and share videos using social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook or on your website.  

Faculty, staff and students also have the ability to upload their own non-copyrighted videos using the Wesleyan Video Uploader application, found under Campus Applications in WesPortal. Complete the online form in its entirety and attach your video file (must be under 1.5GB). After submission, Brightcove will provide a unique 13-digit ID number you can use to embed the video in your Cascade or Wordpress site.

For more information on how to embed your video on a Cascade website page, please visit our Cascade Training site. To learn how to embed a Brightcove video in a Wesleyan WordPress blog visit our Training Blog.


The Office of Communications Video Team monitors and maintains the Wesleyan's YouTube Channel in addition to our Video@Wesleyan Video Gallery website.  Through our YouTube Channel, we are able to showcase Wesleyan short-format video such as alumni and faculty interviews, videos for prospective students, and highlights of special events for a broader audience.  


All public-facing videos must be closed captioned. Closed captioning allows individuals with a hearing disability to access the content of videos.  Additionally, closed captioning is beneficial to a wide variety of students, including those for whom English is not their primary language, those who learn best by reading, and those who have trouble focusing.

University departments are responsible for obtaining their own closed-captioning, including Zoom-generated videos. There are many tools available online to close caption your videos, below are some recommendations.

Paid options:

Free options that require manual entry or editing:


The Communications Video Production staff also maintains Wesleyan's Soundcloud channel. If you have produced your own content and are interested in adding it to the university Soundcloud or podcast channels, please contact Melissa Datre, for more information.