Frequently Asked Questions About Davison Health Center

Phone - 860-685-2470 
Fax - 860-685-2471

  1. Should I schedule an appointment?

    Yes, our Health Center is an appointment-based practice, like your home MD office. Appointments are available Monday-Thursday 9am-5:30pm and Friday 9am-4:30pm.  Please phone 860-685-2470 to schedule an appointment. The Health Center is open Saturday from 10am to 2pm for urgent care walk-ins.

  2. Can I be seen without an appointment?

    We will always see you without an appointment in an urgent situation. You will be assessed by a Registered Nurse who will schedule appropriate care. Always alert the front office staff if you are having difficulty breathing or bleeding.

  3. Does it matter if I am late for my appointment?

    Absolutely! If you arrive late, you may be asked to reschedule. We ask that you arrive ten minutes before your scheduled appointment so that you can complete paperwork and register. That way, you and we will be on time and you will not have to wait. 

  4. Do I need to cancel my appointment if I cannot keep it?

    Yes. If you cannot keep an appointment, please call well ahead of time so we can offer this appointment to another student. You can even call us after we are closed and leave a message with the on-call message center.  Failure to cancel an appointment in a timely manner may result in a $10 no show fee ($25 for well visits no-shows that are scheduled for 40-60 minutes).  All fees are billed directly to your student account.

  5. What if I am sick and can’t get to the Health Center on my own?

     A student living on campus can call Public Safety 860-685-2345 and ask to be transported to the Health Center. We can arrange for transportation from the Health Center at the completion of your visit.

  6. How do I get to medical appointments off campus?

    The Office of Transportation Services provides a medical transportation shuttle for $15 roundtrip (more for transport out of local area), billed directly to a student's account.  Health Center staff can assist students arrange for services.  Please note that a minimum of 48 hours is needed for local transportation order to confirm pickup location and time.

  7. Can I call and talk with someone about a health question or issue or concern?

    Yes. Our healthcare team of providers is available to speak with about any health related questions and concerns. To speak with a nurse to help determine next steps, phone 860-685-2470 and ask for a nurse.

  8. What if it’s after the Health Center closes and I feel sick?

    Call the Health Center at 860-685-2470.  You will speak "live" with a representative from an after hours call service who will contact the Doctor on-call.  The Doctor on call will phone you back.  This service is available during the academic year when classes are in session. 

  9. If I think I only have a cold, is there anything I can do besides see a Provider?

    Review the Self-Care Cold Guide to evaluate your cold symptoms. You can purchase over the counter medications at low cost (generic Motrin, Tylenol, Sinus PE) at Health Center and bypass an appointment, if you wish. If you have a fever of 101 degrees or above, difficulty breathing or if symptoms worsen, please call 860-685-2470 for an appointment.

  10. What if I need medication?

    The Health Center stocks a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications.  Some are without cost and other are dispensed lower than retail outlets.  You can always request a prescription be filled at a local pharmacy.  It's your choice.  Please talk with your provider about options.  Stop and Shop pharmacy delivers Rx medications to the Health Center for students who wish to use this service. Click here for more details.

  11. Who will know if I visit the Health Center?

    Your visits to the Health Center are strictly confidential. We cannot release information without your written consent. If you are over 18 years of age, we cannot share information even with your parents. If you miss class due to appointments at the Health Center you can sign a release of information form to allow a professor and/or Class Dean information about date of visit. Specific details of your visit will not be released unless specified by student.

  12. Does the University have insurance requirements?

    Yes. All students are required to show proof of private insurance or enroll in the university-sponsored ANNUALLY even if the information has not changed from previous year.  To show proof of insurance (waive) or enroll you must go online and complete the appropriate forms at .  Online is the only acceptable form of proof or enrollment. Please make sure to keep a copy of the confirmation page showing you completed the online waiver.

  13. Is insurance needed for Health Center visits?

    Visits to the Davison Health Center are FREE; however, limited, incidental charges for in-house testing (i.e. rapid mono/strep) will be charged to the student account. Students may request a claim statement to file to insurance. Routine laboratory testing sent to Quest is billed directly from the vendor to insurance plans.  Prescription medications from our in-house dispensary can be charged to the student account (students can also receive a prescription to fill at an outside pharmacy). 

  14. If I decided to bill to my student account, how will charges appear on the bill?

    Charges will show up as Prescription fee, Infirmary Lab Charge, Medical Supplies, Misc. Infirmary Fee or Immunization Fee.  A detailed description of services in each category is available by request to students.

  15. If I miss class, can I get a medical excuse?
    Click here for medical excuse policy. 

  16. How is confidentiality protected at the Health Center?

    Click here  for confidentiality policy.