What Our Alumnx Say

Megan Brian

Interim Director, Education and Public Practice, SFMoMA

"My daily work grows out of a foundation of knowledge and values that came from ICPP. ICPP is also a living network for me. I continue to connect with peers, artists, and mentors from the program to work through challenges, learn best practices, and gain inspiration.”

Photo: (c) Beth LaBerge


Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

Artist, Princeton Arts Fellow & Lecturer in the Arts, Princeton University

“ICPP helped me to specify my research interests while also giving me tools and language to identify the criticality of my questions and creative concerns. This specific kind of processing was able to occur because of the unique blend of professionals that are attracted to the ICPP philosophy and mission which encourages real idea sharing and collaborative strategy.”

Photo: (c) Holly Lynch


Cori Olinghouse

Founder and Director, The Portal Project

Visiting Faculty, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College

“ICPP is alive in my practice through the cultivation of complex systems-oriented thinking, by way of bringing an ethical attention to the social engagement of artists' practices, embodied forms of knowing, and ways of transmitting and sharing this knowledge through curatorial structures.”

Photo: (c) Andrew Jordan


Ali Rosa-Salas

Director of Programming, Abrons Arts Center

“ICPP has gifted me a community of thinkers and doers who approach curatorial practice with deep care and integrity. I am eternally grateful for the support we give each other in the co-creation of a more vibrant, critical, loving, and just world.”

Photo: (c) Top Rank Magazine


Jerry Tischleder

Program Officer for Arts and Culture, Oregon Community Foundation
Founding Director, Risk/Reward
"ICPP gave me access to new ideas, national peers, renowned mentors and a level of credibility that transformed my career. It's hands down the most strategic investment of time and energy that I've ever made."
Photo: (c) Sandi Vincent


Students and Alumnx

Class of 2019-2020

MA Class of 2020: Beatrice Basso, Raechel Hofsteadter, Candace Thompson-Zachery

MA Class of 2021: Constanza Armes Cruz, Emma Clarke, Sarah Conn, Erin Donohue, Molly Feingold, John Freeman, Jamie Gahlon, Alex Mathews, Alma Quintana

Class of 2018-2019

ICPP 2018

MA Class of 2019: Victoria Carrasco, Deborah Goffe, Laura-Paige Kyber, Jessica Williams

MA Class of 2020: Raechel Hofsteadter, Candace Thompson-Zachery

Class of 2017-2018

2017 Students, Faculty, and Staff

MA Class of 2018:  Michelle Daly, Gillian Fallon, Ellina Kevorkian, Brian Hyunsuk Lee, Marsha Reid, Ali Rosa-Salas, Rachel Scandling

MA Class of 2019: Victoria Carrasco, Laura-Paige Kyber, Sean O'Neill, Jessica Williams

Class of 2016-2017

ICPP 2016

MA Class of 2017: Paige Blansfield, Christy Bolingbroke, Katrina De Wees, Jaamil Kosoko, Cori Olinghouse, Michèle Steinwald, Jessica Wasilewski

MA Class of 2018: Michelle Daly, Gillian Fallon, Brian Hyunsuk Lee, Marsha Reid, Ali Rosa-Salas, Rachel Scandling

Certificate Program: Beatrice Basso, Holly Jaycox, Mary Madigan, Emily Marks, Kieran Swann, Haowen Wang

Class of 2015-2016

Group Photo 2015-2016

MA Class of 2016: John Andress, Megan Brian,  Randal Fippinger, Julie Potter

MA Class of 2017: Paige Blansfield, Cori Olinghouse, Jessica Wasilewski

Certificate Program: Sarah Bishop-Stone, Ellen Chenoweth, Jo Anna Norris, Steven Raider-Ginsburg, Sonja Shea, Steven Skerritt-Davis, Morgen Stevens-Garmon, Miranda Wright

Class of 2013–2014

ICPP students 2013-14

Certificate Program: Beth Allen, John Andress, Simone Eccleston, Sharon Fantl, Kelsey Johnson, Laura Ligon, Tonya Lockyer, Anna Trier-Rourke

Class of 2012–2013

icpp class of 2012-13

Certificate Program: Sherrine Azab, Christy Bolingbroke, Megan Brian, Anna Efraimsson, Randi Evans, Katrina De Wees, Randal Fippinger, Deborah Goffe, Ayako Kato, Laura Kendall, Julie Potter, Abigail Sebaly, Michèle Steinwald, Liz Stover

Class of 2011–2012

ICPP inaugural class

Certificate Program: Lydia Bell, Madeline Bell, Sarah Curran, Dwight Currie, Shoshona Currier, Jerry Dannemiller, Heloise Darcq, Jane Gabriels, Caleb Hammons, Ryo Kabasawa, Ellina Kevorkian, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Juliana Mascelli, Adrienne Petrillo, Ben Pryor, and Jerry Tischleder




Image above: Darrell Jones with ICPP students, July 2016