The Molecular Biophysics & Chemical Biology program at Wesleyan is an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary program in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Students interested in this program apply for admission to the graduate department in which they wish to make their home base, i.e. Chemistry, Biology, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Physics, and  Mathematics & Computer Science.  Applications to each of these departments are available online at:

For more information on the individual programs, please visit their departmental websites:

Chemistry Department:

Biology Department:

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Department:

Physics Department:

Please complete the appropriate department application if you are interested.  In addition, send an email to notifying the molecular biophysics program that you have applied.  Questions about admission can also be directed to this email address.

We encourage students interested in joining our program to visit Wesleyan and meet with current participating faculty and students.  To arrange for a visit, email