Graduate Curriculum

Students are expected to complete core courses of their home department unless granted a waiver by their committee and approved by the home department. 

Molecular Biophysics Program expectations are a) Molecular Biophysics or the equivalent, b) Structural Biology Laboratory or the equivalent c) regular participation in the Molecular Biophysics Journal Club, and c) at least two credits of elective advanced courses offered by the program faculty. 

In addition, students are expected to either have appropriate general background in Biology, Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and Physics. If necessary, in consultation with their graduate committee, students may take additional courses which fill in any gaps.

Graduate Courses Specific to the Molecular Biophysics Program

  • Core Courses

    Below are the core courses of the Molecular Biophysics graduate program. Course descriptions may be read in the catalog.

    • CHEM/MB&B 325 | Introduction to Biomolecular Structure
    • CHEM/MB&B 383 | Biochemistry
    • CHEM/MB&B/PHYS 395 | Structural Biology Laboratory
    • CHEM/MB&B/PHYS 509/539 | Molecular and Cellular Biophysics
    • CHEM/MB&B 581 | Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
  • Electives

    Biology Hosted Courses

    • 265 Bioinformatics Programming
    • 266 Bioinformatics
    • 310 Genomics Analysis

    Chemistry Hosted Courses

    • 321 Biomedicinal Chemistry
    • 337 Physical Chemistry I: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
    • 338 Physical Chemistry II: Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, and Kinetics
    • 342 Molecules to Medicine
    • 382 Practical NMR
    • 386 Biological Thermodynamics
    • 387 Enzyme Mechanics
    • 396 Molecular Modeling and Design

    Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Hosted Courses

    • 303 Receptors, Channels, and Pumps: Advanced Topics in Membrane Protein Structure and Function
    • 340 Practical Methods in Biochemistry
    • 516 Advanced Topics in Structural Biology
    • 535 Protein Folding: From Misfolding to Disease 

    Physics Hosted Courses

    • 213 Waves and Oscillations
    • 214 Quantum Mechanics I
    • 316 Thermal and Statistical Physics
    • 324 Electricity and Magnetism
  • Journal Club

    Molecular Biophysics Journal Club is a weekly gathering of all students, research associates and faculty associated with the program for critical consideration and discussion of research described in the current literature. Here, in addition to exposure to advanced subject matter, students gain experience with research design, and presentation and discussion skills. Molecular Biophysics Journal Club is a centerpiece of the program and regular participation is required.

    Journal Club meets weekly Wednesdays 2:50-4:10pm in the NSM Conference Room (ESC 092).

    • Fall: MB&B507/CHEM507/PHYS517
    • Spring: MB&B508/CHEM508/PHYS518
  • Research Seminars

    Students of the program are expected to attend all relevant departmental seminars on a regular basis.