Transferring Your SEVIS Record Back to Wesleyan

F-1 students who have had their Wesleyan University SEVIS record transferred to another SEVP-certified school to participate in a short-term domestic exchange program must have their SEVIS record transferred back to Wesleyan in order to resume their program. This includes participants in the Twelve-College Exchange Program.


You are eligible to transfer your SEVIS record back to Wesleyan if:

  • You are currently in valid F-1 student status as an enrolled student at another school, or within your 60-day grace period following the completion of your program
  • Your program next semester at Wesleyan will begin no more than five months after your current completion date

Determining your SEVIS Release Date

Contact the international student advisor at the school or university you are currently studying at to establish the date on which they will transfer your electronic SEVIS record to Wesleyan. We cannot process an I-20 for you until your record is transferred to us.

If you are returning from a trip abroad after your transfer date, you will need to have Wesleyan’s I-20 with you, as well as a valid F-1 visa (unless you are Canadian or returning from a trip to Canada or Mexico for 30 days or less).

Steps to Obtaining Your New Wesleyan Form I-20

Students returning to their studies at Wesleyan after participating in a short-term domestic exchange program  must first contact their class dean. After receiving approval from their class dean to resume their program, students should make the request to transfer in their SEVIS record to OISA through their International Student and Scholar (ISS) Portal account. OISA will use the information submitted through this request to complete the transfer and to issue them a new I-20.

Before making this request, please gather the following documents/information:

  • Passport Photo Page (Required)
  • F-1 Visa Stamp (Required)
  • Current Form I-20 (Required)
  • Most Recent I-94 Record (Required)
  • Dependent Documentation (if applicable)
  • Name, email address (Required) and phone number (Optional) of your current school/university Designated School Official (DSO)
  • Financial Aid Award Letter (for those receiving full or partial financial aid)
  • Completed Certification of Finances (for those not receiving financial aid or receiving partial financial aid)
  • Social Security Card (if applicable)

Log in to your ISS Portal account by clicking on LOGIN at the top right corner of the page. Use your Wesleyan credentials to log in.

Once logged in, click on the gray house icon located at the left side of the black navigation bar. Select Site Home from the drop-down menu. You will be redirected to the ISS Portal main page.

Select F-1 Student Requests from the menu on the left side of the page, then click on Transfer In Request from the menu choices on the next page. You will then be asked to select the term that you intend to transfer your SEVIS record to Wesleyan University.

Make sure to carefully review the Announcements and Instructions sections on the page that you are redirected to.

In order to provide OISA with the information needed to complete your record transfer process in SEVIS, you will need to complete the following sections and requests:

Attached Documents: You will be asked to attach scans of your Passport Photo Page and F-1 Visa Page. The F-1 visa requirement does not apply to Canadian citizens, who should instead upload a document stating that this does not apply to them. Also upload your Current Form I-20 (all 3 pages), and most recent I-94 Record. To obtain your most recent I-94 Record, please visit U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)’s website.

If you will be bringing dependents with you to Wesleyan, please upload a copy of each dependent’s Passport Photo Page and F-2 Visa Stamp (if applicable). Please upload your dependent(s) documentation in one file.

Signature Documents: This section will ask you to review and digitally sign documents with important information that indicate your understanding. Please be aware that these are legal documents. Please contact OISA if you have any questions before clicking the buttons to digitally sign these documents.

Recommendations: The Wesleyan F-1 Transfer In Form will be sent to the Designated School Official (DSO) at your current school by clicking on “Request Electronic Recommendation.” Under “Non Wesleyan Recommender,” please fill in the first name, last name and email address of your DSO. The phone number field is optional. Click the “Add User” button to have your recommendation request emailed to your DSO. Make sure to follow up with your DSO to make sure that this request was received and processed.

Questionnaires: Please complete each of the questionnaires in this section. If the questionnaire does not apply to you, respond by selecting “no.” Make sure to start at the top of the list and complete all questions.

Students should be prepared to upload the following, depending on their financial aid situation:

  • Students not receiving financial aid will be asked to submit their completed Certification of Finances (COF) form, including any supporting documentation (financial statements, bank statement, etc.) if completing section(s) 8a - 8c on the COF.
  • Students receiving partial financial aid will be asked to submit their Financial Aid Award Letter and completed Certification of Finances (COF) form, including any supporting documentation (financial statements, bank statement, etc.) if completing section(s) 8a - 8c on the COF.
  • Students receiving full financial aid will be asked to submit their Financial Aid Award Letter.

Students who have Social Security Numbers should also be prepared to provide this information as well as a scan of their Social Security card.

You can click the save button at the bottom of the form to save your answers as you go along but make sure you click the submit button to submit the information to your request.

If you start a request in the ISS Portal but are unable to complete it, you may return to this request at a later time. Do not start a new one. To return to an existing request, please go to your ISS Portal User Home Page.

When you have completed each section of the Transfer In Request, click the Submit button at the top of the page.

Receiving Your I-20

The Office of International Student Affairs uses UEMS (University Express Mail Service) for shipping your I-20. Click on Student/Scholar Sign Up to create an account and pay for a shipping label. When your I-20 has been processed, OISA will use this shipping label to send your document to you.

When you receive your I-20, please review the document carefully to ensure that the information is correct/accurate. Please contact OISA if any corrections are needed. Make sure to sign and date your I-20 at the bottom of page 1. Students age 18 and under should also have their parents sign and date this form on the appropriate line.