Like the greater Wesleyan community, the Jewish Community at Wesleyan is a multidenominational group of students with a wide variety of backgrounds. This diversity is reflected in the range of religious, educational, cultural, political, and social activities offered by the Wesleyan Jewish Community’s (WJC) student leadership board, the various Jewish student organizations on campus, and by Rabbi David, the Jewish chaplain. From WJC ice-skating, to camp-style Shabbat services, to a weekly Havdalah service, interfaith social justice events, a big Passover Seder, and traditional prayers, there are many ways to be involved in Jewish life on campus and so many Jewish organizations with no pressure to conform to any one style of Jewish expression.

The Wesleyan Jewish Community is a welcoming and multi-denominational community which takes into account the input and creativity of the whole community. If you are looking for a place to develop new friendships, eat home-cooked Shabbat dinners, affect social change, or to sing, dance, and hang out with other Jews, the Wesleyan Jewish Community welcomes you!

Wesleyan Sukkah

Elie Wiesel at Wesleyan