Wesleyan Passover 2018


From Slavery to Freedom - Otto Geismar, 1927

Like the High Holidays, each year we offer a huge variety of Passover programming including a big seder to kick it all off. The exact Passover schedule will be posted below, in advance of the holiday. 

Passover this year begins on the evening of Sunday, March 30th and ends on the evening of Saturday, April 7th (Friday 4/6 in the Reform tradition). 

What You Need to Know about Pesach at Wesleyan:

1. Seder I: Friday March 30  (How to sign up and volunteer) 

2. Seder II: Saturday March 31: Seder To Go

3. Seder II: Saturday March 31

4. Meals During Passover (and special rates at Usdan)

5. Shabbat Dinner April 6th

6. Break Passover Carbs Fest (4/7 time TBD, The Bayit) with Havdalah  

7. Help/Volunteers Needed

8. Passover at Weshop

9. So what is Passover Anyway? Cool Passover Websites


1. Passover Seder I

Friday March 30 at 5:30 PM (Please arrive a few minutes early as we are hoping to start on time.)

Location: DFC

The Seder is a community celebration that celebrates the Jewish People’s liberation from Egypt. Join us for singing, great discussions, and a whole lot of fun.

Please RSVP by Thursday March 29th .

The cost is: $16.95 in points/Middletown Cash or
1 meal and $6.95 in points/Middletown Cash

To RSVP, email Anna Denton (adenton@wesleyan.edu)
The email must include: your name, WES ID #, and whether you’re paying with points or with cash.

If you have any dietary restrictions please be in touch with Dean Laura Patey lpatey@wesleyan.edu  by March 9th, 2018

Help needed!

Interested in making this Seder your Seder?

Want to help contribute to Seder? Or consider bringing to the Wesleyan Seder a short reading, an activity, or an object meaningful to you?  To sign up, click here.

Help with pre-Passover planning!

If you’re interested in planning or participating in the Seder or for more information, please email          
Rabbi David (dleipziger@wesleyan.edu).
*No background or Hebrew skills required.

2. Passover Seder II: Seders-To-Go

For the second Seder, on Saturday March 31 we will once again offer “Seders-to-Go”.  You choose your friends and the location, we’ll supply the food, matza, grape juice, Seder plate, and the Haggadot (Passover Manual), all available at Shalom Salaam/ “Kosher”.

If you would like to do this, RSVP to adenton@wesleyan.edu by March 28th. Please provide your name, Wes ID #, and indicate whether or not you are a vegetarian.  You will be charged for a meal or equivalent in points. We will have a veggie and a meat option. Seder-to-Go meals must be picked up at Shalom Salaam/ “Kosher” on Saturday March 31st from 5-6 pm.  Each person has to pick up their own meal.

3. Passover Second Seder 3/31?

In previous years, students have organized a second Seder. Let me know if somebody wants to take this on. 

4. Meals During Passover:

Shalom Salaam, located in the Usdan Marketplace, will be open for Passover and will be serving “Kosher for Passover” food for the length of the holiday.  It will be open for lunch and dinner, starting with lunch on March 31st and ending with dinner on the April 7th.   

Passover Meals at Usdan  

For every Kosher for Passover meal you will eat at Usdan, there will be a $1 surcharge. If this represents a finanacial hardship to anyone, please be in touch with Rabbi David. The individual single ticket will be available for purchase from March 30th until April 7th. For more information please email John Kehoe at jkehoe@wesleyan.edu.

For more info contact: Rabbi David at dleipziger@wesleyan.edu

5. Shabbat Dinner, Friday April 6th 

On Friday, April 6th, join us for a special catered Shabbat dinner at the Bayit. Services 5:00pm followed by Shabbat Dinner at 6:30pm.  All are welcome!

6. Break Passover Carbs Fest with Havdalah, Saturday 4/7, time TBD, The Bayit

7. Help/Volunteers Needed

We need help with leading the Passover Seder. If you’re interested in planning or participating in the Seder, please email Rabbi David at dleipziger@wesleyan.edu.

8. Passover at Weshop

Weshop will carry a limited number of Kosher for Passover products.  Feel free to check them out.

9. Cool Passover Websites