Alumnae/Alumni  News

Hannah Berman ‘21 (Italian Studies / English / Education Studies minor): Hannah is currently working as a sixth grade English teacher at Washington Global, a small public charter school in Washington, DC. She is also getting a masters degree from Johns Hopkins at night through a program called Urban Teachers. She is happy to be able to repurpose some of the skills she developed in the Italian Studies program as course and research assistant in her new teaching role.


Nicholas Brattoli ‘21 (Italian Studies / College of Social Sciences): After graduating, Nick started a year-long term of service with Americorps for the Justice for Montanans program, where he will be serving with Montana Fair Housing in Butte, Montana.


David Aaron ‘20 (Italian Studies / College of Social Sciences): David just started coursework for a Masters in Social Studies at Columbia University; he is also a social worker in a school in the Bronx. He is currently doing research on the concept of “attachment,” and recommends the book The Body Keeps the Score to all those who are interested in exploring this idea. 


Isabel “Issy” Steckel ‘19 (Italian Studies / College of Letters): After graduating, Issy completed a Ford Fellowship with Wesleyan University’s Writing Workshop. She has since moved to Seattle and is working in communications for an environmental nonprofit.


Nicole Boyd ‘18 (Italian Studies / Art History): Nicole is an Art History PhD student at Yale University. She studies seventeenth-century European visual culture, with a focus on Italian art and theory, and often centers her projects on painters and paintings marginalized by the Baroque canon. 


Isabella Corletto ‘18 (Italian Studies / English): After graduating, Isabella has spent the past few years working in the publishing industry at a literary agency and as a literary translator. She is now pursuing an MA in Literary Translation at the University of Rochester.

Hannah Skopicki ‘18 (Italian Studies / Government): Hannah Skopicki J.D. is currently serving as a judicial clerk for the Honorable Michael O’Keefe at the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. She recently graduated with her Juris Doctor, cum laude, in May 2021 from American University Washington College of Law. She specializes in civil litigation, including but not limited to copyright, employment, arbitration, and contract claims. Hannah lives and works in Washington, DC and the surrounding suburbs.


Emma Distler ‘19 (Italian Studies / Psychology): After graduating, Emma went to Sicily as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Patti, Sicily. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 her teaching experience abroad was cut short and she had to return to the States. She is now a teacher's assistant at Windward, a private school that addresses and instructs students with dyslexia and other learning differences, and she plans to apply to a Master's program for Mental Health and Counseling in the near future. 




Aryeh Lieber '18 (French/English). Lecturer fellowship, University of Paris 12. 

Clara Siegmund '18 (French/English). TAPIF in Paris.

Jenny Cascino '17 (HISP/MB&B): Conducted research on metabolic syndromes of cancer at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO) in Madrid, Spain through a Fulbright Research Grant since graduating from Wesleyan, which has enabled her to combine her passions and simultaneously strengthen her Spanish-speaking ability, understanding of Spanish culture, and skills as a molecular biologist. Jenny will spend one more year in Madrid teaching high school English and science before beginning a Ph.D. in the Biology Department at MIT in Fall 2019.

Leah Bakely '16 (HISP/HIST) After graduating moved to Madrid, Spain to work as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at a public bilingual middle/high school. She has spent the last two years teaching History and English, coaching Model UN, and trying to stay hydrated in Madrid's oh-so-dry climate. In Fall 2018, she will begin a Master's at the University of Alcalá (Madrid) in Spanish-English Intercultural Communication, Interpretation, and Translation for Social Services. 

Valère Demuyunck '16 (French/Hist/Middle Eastern studies). TAPIF in Clermond-Ferrand, Smithsonian Institute (DC), and now French-American Foundation in New York.  

Chiara Wabl '16 (HISP/MB&B): Since graduating, Chiara has been working as a clinical research coordinator in breast oncology at UCSF, where she coordinates therapeutic drug trials for stage I-IV breast cancer. Since she is involved in direct patient care in San Francisco, Spanish has been extremely useful!

Marjorie Hunt '15 (Spanish/AMST): Worked with migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, served Spanish-speaking residents of Los Angeles as a housing discrimination investigator, and in February 2018 returned to the U.S. after a 4-month trip to Brazil to learn Portuguese. Currently putting the final touches on an experimental documentary she filmed in Cuba in January 2016 with fellow Wesleyan graduate Alexis Moh '15. In fall 2018 she will be applying to master's degree programs in Latin American Studies.

Emma Kemler '15 (HISP/PSYC): Since graduating from Wesleyan, Emma has been working in the field of multilingual and multicultural education. She taught English as a second language in the Vallecas neighborhood in Madrid, Spain, and is currently teaching Spanish and English to newcomers in New York City Public Schools where she is also currently finishing a masters program in teaching at NYU.

Janika Oza '15 (French/ENVS): Worked in the fields of education, food policy, and immigrant/refugee settlement since graduating from Wesleyan during which time she used her French all the time and became the designated "French Interviewer" to conduct interviews with French-speaking applicants. In fall 2018: will start a Masters of Immigration and Settlement Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto. 

Miriam von Mücke Similon '15 (HISP/PSYCH): Attended Columbia University’s Postbac Premed Program after graduating from Wesleyan. During this time she  volunteered with Mount Sinai’s Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program in which she served as an advocate in the emergency room for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Speaking Spanish helped her enormously to connect with Hispanic patients in the ER- a place that can feel anonymous and overwhelming. She went on two medical mission trips, one to Nicaragua and the other to Guatemala in which she used her Spanish to provide care to rural and indigenous populations. In the fall of 2018 she will start at Sackler Medical School in Tel Aviv to pursue her interest in providing culturally sensitive medical care.

Stephanie M. Huezo '13 (Spanish/Latin American Studies): Since Wesleyan, Stephanie has pursued her MA/PhD in Latin American History at Indiana University-Bloomington (IU). Her research focuses on Salvadorans in both El Salvador and the United States and uses her Spanish and LAST majors to analyze how Salvadorans have used a community based education as an act of resistance across national borders. Stephanie has won numerous awards including community-based scholarships, research fellowships and grants, and a fellowship with the Smithsonian's Latino Museum Studies Program. During the 2018-2019 academic year, she will return to the New England area to start her tenure as a Mount Holyoke College Fellow and Visiting Lecturer in History. 

Kelly Morgan '11 (French/Music). Received a dual degree in Law and Social Work from Boston College (MSW/JD ’18). Now a public interest law scholar and law fellow coordinator for the Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy. "She’s writing a law review article on the emergence of national security programs that use social services to try to identify whether someone will become a “violent extremist.” Source:

Emma Drew '10 (French/COL). MFA ‘17 School of Visual Arts in NY. Editorial Assistant at More Art, NY. 

Anne Rosenthal '10 (French/ENVS). Fulbright in Belgium.  

Katie Poor '08 (French/CSS). JD.   

Lindsay Clarke '06 (French/Sociology): Lindsay currently teaches middle and high school History and French at Waynflete School in Portland, Maine. Member of the Board of Directors of Breaking Ground, a non-profit she co-founded to help Cameroonians help themselves after her study abroad there:

Sara Brenneis '98 (Spanish). Associate Professor of Spanish at Amherst, Spaniards in Mauthausen: Representations of a Nazi Camp, 1940-2015, University of Toronto Press.