Glean Note Taking System

Glean is a note taking system Accessibility Services provides to some students with note taking accommodations. It records the audio in class while the student takes typed notes. Rather than a long audio file, the student is able to review only those parts of class they need to fill in in order to complete their notes. Afterwards, the typed notes are exported into whichever document system the student prefers (Word, Google Docs, etc.). If slides are provided before class, the typed notes can even be associated with the specific slide before exporting.

Unlike other audio note taking and recording systems, Glean does not create an audio file that can be shared. Therefore, the student can only use the audio from Glean to fill in their own typed notes. Glean has become the preferred way of providing students with a “note taking support” accommodation when they use a computer for note taking. It allows them to independently take / fill-in comprehensive notes, and is accessed through Chrome browser so there is no separate program they need to install.