Programs by Request

The professional and student staff of WesWell provides a variety of educational outreach programs and offers referrals to outside presenters.  These programs are designed to provide appropriate health information for participants as well as create a comfortable, safe place to have conversations and their questions answered about the health issues relevant to college students.  

Request a Program

Please submit your Program Request to WesWell at least TWO WEEKS in advance to set up a program. Additional time is appreciated if it involves asking an outside speaker to present. Advance planning on your part will help to guarantee the program you want at the time you want it with the best presenter for the needs of your audience.

Programs offered by WesWell Staff

Topics available for educational programs by WesWell professional staff and/or the student Peer Health Advocates include (but are not limited to):

  • Bartender's School
  • Stress Less Wes
  • QPR Suicide Prevention Training
  • Overdose Response Training
  • Recovery Ally Training
  • What You Should Have Learned In Sex Ed (But Probably Didn't)
  • And more!!

Click here to learn more about all of WesWell's program offerings and read program descriptions and requirements

Topics may be tailored to meet the needs of the audience. Additional time may be required to develop a program on a topic not listed above or for which an outside presenter is not available.  Just ask...we are happy to work with you!

Programming Considerations

When selecting a program topic for your audience, there are a few things to consider that may be helpful when discussing your request with the WesWell staff.  This will help make your program more responsive to the audience's needs and possibly draw a larger number of people to your event! Click on Programming Considerations to learn more.