What Can WesWell Do for Faculty & Staff?

WesWell is here to support you as you support your students! Please see the resources below and reach out to sfjohnson@wesleyan.edu with questions or requests for specific support.

Sample Syllabus Wellness Statement

Students may experience stressors that can impact both their academic experience and their personal well-being. Reach out to the resources below to support your mental health and well-being:

Sample Syllabus Content Warning Language

I acknowledge that each of you comes to Wesleyan with your own unique life experiences. This contributes to the way you perceive various types of information. In [CLASS NAME], all of the class content, including that which may be intellectually or emotionally challenging, has been intentionally curated to achieve the learning goals for this course. The decision to include such material is not taken lightly. These topics include [LIST TOPICS]. I encourage you to take care of yourself and utilize the resources available to you on campus. If the content of this class becomes distressing, please contact me [INSERT INFO] so that we can find solutions together. If you ever feel the need to step outside during one of these discussions, you may always do so.

Title IX Resources Syllabus Statement

If past trauma inhibits your ability to fully participate in class, please contact Debbie Colucci, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, at dcolucci@wesleyan.edu, or your class dean. Additionally, and if you are comfortable, you can work directly with your professor to make reasonable arrangements. If you would like to talk with a confidential resource about all of your options for care and support under Title IX, you can contact Amanda Carrington (Associate Director for Sexual Violence Prevention) at acarrington@wesleyan.edu.

Don't Cancel That Class!

WesWell provides a variety of trainings to the Wesleyan community. Feel free to reach out to WesWell for class training in place of canceling a class.  These programs are designed to provide appropriate health information for participants as well as create a comfortable, safe place to have conversations and have their questions answered about the health issues relevant to college students. Topics available for educational programs include (but are not limited to):

  • Bystander Intervention Training
  • QPR Suicide Prevention Training
  • Recovery Ally Training
  • What You Should Have Learned In Sex Ed (But Probably Didn't)
  • Party Safer Training
  • And more!

If you do not see your topic listed above, WesWell staff can work with you to create a training to fit your needs. Just ask...we are happy to work with you! Email weswell@wesleyan.edu to request a class training.

Refer Your Students to WesWell

We are happy to help you support your students. Please see some resources below that may be particularly helpful to your students.

Wellness Coaching

Please refer your student to WesWell if you feel they could benefit from our Wellness Coaching program where WesWell staff work 1-on-1 with students to help them develop and achieve their well-being goals. Wellness Coaching is here as a tool to help students unlock their full potential. WesWell has referral cards that we would be happy to provide. Contact weswell@wesleyan.edu and we will arrange to drop referral cards off to you!

Resource Room

WesWell has a plethora of free resources to help support student health and well-being. WesWell has a resource room where students are always welcome to take what they need when WesWell open.

Resources include: Cold & Flu Kits, Nicotine Quit Kits, Safer Sex Supplies, Menstrual Supplies, Pregnancy Tests and more

WesWell also has an online resource room with lots of health and wellness information which can be accessed via WesWell's website.